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In response to rumors about Avengers 5, the Russo Brothers talk about possible MCU returns.

As the directors of Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, and the last two Captain America movies, brothers Anthony and Joe Russo have become giants in the MCU world. The Russos brought some of the best parts of the Infinity Saga to the big screen, and fans have been wondering for a long time if they’ll come back to direct another MCU movie.

The brothers recently gave a sneak peek at their next project that isn’t part of the MCU, but they haven’t been quiet about their possible desire to return to Marvel. The Russo brothers are interested in one of the biggest conflicts in Marvel history: the Secret Wars. Since Kang is about to be the main character and the Multiverse is becoming a well-known term among MCU fans, there are many reasons to believe that the war of worlds will happen in Avengers 5.

Recently, the brothers were asked what they thought about going back to where they used to live in the MCU and what it would take to get them to go back.

Russos Would Come Back if the Right Story Came Along


A clip from an interview with the Russos about going back to Marvel was shown in a tweet from AP Entertainment. The brothers listened right away and said, “We’re always interested. We love them and everyone else over there.”

They did say, though, that “right now” their production company, AGBO, had “a pretty full slate.” Several of the company’s unfinished projects were named, including Everything Everywhere All at Once, The Gray Man, and The Electric State, which was distributed by Netflix.

Joe Russo made sure to add that “you never say never” and made it clear that “if the right story comes along at the right time, then we all go back to work.”

The Secret Wars might be better than the Infinity Saga.

The Russo brothers’ work on making Civil War, Infinity War, and Endgame into huge hits solidified the MCU’s position as a leader in the entertainment industry. With the start of Phase 4, the Infinity Saga is now over. Many people wonder if Marvel Studios will ever be able to top the epic battle against Thanos.

There have been a lot of guesses about what Kevin Feige and the other creative people behind the scenes might be planning, but it’s clear that whatever they come up with will need to be groundbreaking. Many fans think that the answer is the Secret Wars, especially since Phase 4 loves the Multiverse. Loki already hinted at the multiverse war, and with the Fantastic Four coming to the big screen, it’s possible that the leader of the war, Doctor Doom, will come with them.

Thanos isn’t the only bad guy with the kind of power that Thanos has, but Doctor Doom is also one of them. In the Secret Wars comics, Doom became God-King of Battleworld, which is a huge place where worlds from all over the Multiverse meet. Such a story would be amazing to see on the big screen, and the Russo brothers have said they’d love to direct it.

Still, nobody knows for sure if the Russos will come back or not. Fans will have to settle for a battle of the gods when Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters on Friday, July 8.

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