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Judy Greer, who plays Ant-Man, wants a major change to her Marvel character.

Everyone wishes they could be a superhero. The next greatest thing would be to appear in a superhero film. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a fantastic product, in part because the people who surround the stars steal moments and have an influence on the viewer. Among the MCU’s numerous sub-franchises, the Ant-Man franchise has created some of the best supporting characters.

The performances of Michael Pena’s Luis, Randall Park’s Jimmy Woo, and Judy Greer, who portrays Scott Lang’s ex-wife Maggie Lang, all contribute tremendous value to their individual films.

Greer has been a member of Peyton Reed’s Ant-Man series from the beginning. While it is unclear if she will appear in the third installment of the trilogy, Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantamania, she has huge plans for her character.

Judy Greer’s Role in Superhero Films


Judy Greer is no stranger to a big-time popcorn picture series, and she has no intentions to leave it.

In a recent Inside Disney Podcast interview, the Ant-Man actress expressed her desire for her character to “come back with a superpower,” even going so far as to seek the major alteration from Ant-Man series director Peyton Reed:

“Well, I’m still hoping that my character will return with a superpower. I was constantly discussing it with the director, Peyton Reed. I try to do so all the time.”

Greer describes what it’s like to work on a Marvel Studios film set. She, like many other performers before her, praised the production’s “high-end” aspect.

“The thing with Marvel movies is that they’re like staying in a nice hotel. And I mean it in the “high-end” sense. As though everything is at its peak. And Ant-Man, since Ant-Man is a comic, I call it that. It’s a superhero film, but it’s hilarious.”

She continues to praise her leading guy, Paul Rudd, who portrays her ex-husband, Scott Lang. Greer also discussed the positives of being a part of a section of the MCU that allows for humor and fun, and she praised Rudd for his comedic style:

“It’s impossible to create a film with Paul Rudd and not have it be amusing. So I feel like I got the greatest superhero aspect of the series because we not only get rid of bad guys, but we also make people laugh all the time. That was a lot of fun. Not what I was expecting when I went to work on a Marvel film.”

The experienced actor was then asked what it’s like to play such an important part in Paul Rudd’s most well-known character. She elaborated on how much fun she had working with Rudd, but she also mentioned her in-universe spouse and Rudd’s “best buddy in real life,” Bobby Cannavale:

So I can’t really answer that question without mentioning Bobby Cannavale, since they’re real-life closest buddies. So working with two men who are real-life closest friends is like, you just have to step aside and make sure the genuine tears that are running out of your eyes from laughing so hard don’t spoil the scene…… We were kept on our toes by a lot of joking and behind-the-scenes pranks.

Greer is fresh off her performance in Halloween Kills, the 2021 reboot of the Halloween series. Marvel fans will have to wait and see whether she appears in Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantimania in 2023.

Everyone want to be the hero.

Judy Greer wants what every other performer in the MCU desires: superpowers. Who wouldn’t want to?

Having been so close to a series that has produced a great hit out of the most obscure characters, one of the finest instances of this achievement is the franchise Greer is so heavily involved with – Ant-Man.

This character has converted a long-running comic book series into a multi-million-dollar trilogy. The attention and care given to each of Marvel Studios’ IPs is part of the pageantry. Allowing Ant-Man to commit to Scott Lang, Paul Rudd, and Peyton Reed, as well as its humor, has made Ant-Man a vital part of the most spectacular cinematic universe ever created.

The genre integration of superhero films, particularly in the MCU, has enabled a broad range of tales to be told. Furthermore, it seems that no comic book character is too obscure to be considered for a project.

Having said that, there is a degree of intricacy involved in selecting which characters make the transition from supporting role to superpowered player. There have been superhero ventures in the past, most notably DC’s slate on The CW, in which every character on screen is expected to get a power-up. However, Marvel Studios’ patience and willingness to invest in supporting characters has enabled them to sidestep the overpowering cast issue while still producing characters for fans to fall in love with, such as Maggie Lang.

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