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Kevin Feige Had One Request for the Mutant Reveal in the MCU

The X-Men formally entering the MCU is a foregone conclusion at this point. Since Disney paid $71.3 billion for Fox, fans have been waiting for Marvel’s fantastic mutants to appear alongside Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and Anthony Mackie’s Captain America. While the X-Men and Charles Xavier had been mentioned in passing, it wasn’t until Ms. Marvel’s finale that the term “mutation” was used in the superhero series.

With a few notes of the X-Men ’97 theme music playing in the background, it was revealed in the last moments of the Iman Villani-led series that Kamala Kahn is truly a mutant. This was the first X-Men mention in the main MCU world, and it signified a departure from Kamala’s comic book roots.

Kevin Feige Had 1 Request for the MCU's Mutant Reveal

But how did it feel to finally obtain OK from Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige to employ that mutant twist on-screen? Ms. Marvel’s creators have provided a response to that query.

Feige pulls out the mutant card

Ms. Marvel showrunners Adil El Arbi, Bisha K. Ali, and Bilall Fallah discussed the Mutant Easter egg at the end of the program and what it was like working with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige on such a significant MCU event in a series of interviews.

El Arbi told The Wrap that the moment was “the last thing [they] read,” making it “the best-kept secret.”

In the run-up to the event, the director said that Kevin Feige had one request, urging him to “”Just film [the scene], put on some music, and that’s it:”

To begin with, it was the last item we read. So that was a well guarded secret. Nobody knew about that until we read the final version of the screenplay and it was like, crap. And then we’d question producers about it, and we’d receive no response. Then Kevin Feige responded, “Just film this, throw on some music, and call it a day.” We can only hope that we will be a part of “Ms. Marvel’s” future since it would be great to have some “X-Men” flavor in there.”

In the same interview, El Arbi emphasized the significance of the X-Men theme to him and the Ms. Marvel team, stating that X-Men: The Animated Series was their favorite “”That’s how our exposure [to] Marvel was as youngsters,” he says. It’s both the “X-Men” and “Spider-Man” animated shows. But, yes, that was fun.”

Kevin Feige Had 1 Request for the MCU's Mutant Reveal

El Arbi and Fallah said to TVLine that they “didn’t even know about [the Mutant inclusion] until [they] suddenly had a screenplay.” The two hope to be able to contribute to the next chapter of Kamala’s tale, but they know that “Kevin Feige has the master plan.”

Bisha K. Ali, the show’s chief writer, recognized the importance of the X-Men theme in the series in an interview with Inverse “”As a geek from that age, when that soundtrack has such an emotional, visceral effect, I’m happy,” she said of the soundtrack. I’m not sure what that signifies outside of our program. I just know about our small spectacle. I’m just as eager to find out as the fans are.”

Ms. Marvel to  X-Mutants

While some fans are disappointed that Marvel Studios modified the character’s origin, it’s hard not to get thrilled hearing those familiar tones from X-Men: The Animated Series in the MCU. One may feel whichever they want about Kamala being a mutant, but the fact that the topic has been brought back is something remarkable. And it seems Kevin Feige is well aware of this.

Feige has repeatedly shown that he is the ultimate comic book enthusiast. Whether it was the rigorous preparation that went into Avengers: Endgame or seeing Tony Stark when he saw Robert Downey Jr. back in the early 2000s, this guy has a talent for this kind of work.

And he understands how important the X-Men motif is to so many people. So much so that he has assisted in the approval of a whole successor series to the legendary Saturday morning program.

Surely, Ms. Marvel will not be the last time fans hear that nostalgic tune. Kevin Feige seems to be in charge of this.

Ms. Marvel is now available to watch in its full on Disney+.

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