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Lady Gaga Eyes Harley Quinn Role In DC Sequel Joker 2

Warner Bros.’ decision to release The Joker in 2019 was an intriguing one. The film deviated from the DCEU canon to tell a totally unique tale of how Jack Napier became the Prince Clown of Crime. The gamble paid off, as Todd Phillips’ solo film reached the coveted billion-dollar barrier at the box office, and now the production is getting a sequel.

But what will Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix’s next narrative be? Will fans see him transform into a more traditional version of the Clown Prince of Crime?

The obvious assumption based on the film’s title, Folie à Deux, is that the world will be receiving another dramatization of Harley Quinn—the Joker’s most well-known lover. As the film approaches its production start date, it seems that those ideas were correct.

According to new sources, not only is Lady Gaga reportedly negotiating for the role, but the sequel will have a surprise twist.

A Pop Star Has Joined the Cast of DC’s Joker Musical


The Hollywood Reporter reported that Lady Gaga is in early discussions to play Harley Quinn opposite Joaquin Phoenix in the sequel to Todd Phillips’ DC Comics picture, The Joker: Folie à deux.

The site made it clear that Warner Bros. has not yet reached an agreement with Gaga and that the two parties are still in discussions.

Aside from Lady Gaga’s expected selection as Harley Quinn, Joker 2 will be a musical, a departure from the 2019 feature.

Lady Gaga Loses Her Mind

Lady Gaga is a terrific performer, as seen by her performances in blockbusters such as A Star Is Born (which was produced by Todd Phillips himself), and the singer might make an excellent Harley Quinn. She was probably likely towards the top of Warner Bros.’ list owing of the film’s unusual new musical approach.

Fans were probably not expecting the sequel to Joker to be a musical on their bingo card. Fans will definitely be outraged and have conflicting feelings about it, but will it succeed in the long run?

Given the continuously shattered state of mind in which both the Joker and Harley Quinn reside, the concept of a musical isn’t all that far-fetched. After all, fans get plenty of peeks of Quinn’s insane behavior in The Suicide Squad, as flowers instead of blood start shooting out of all the dead.

Fans will have to wait and see whether Todd Phillips’ artistic concept can stick the landing.

Joker is already available on HBO Max, while Joker: Folie à deux is in the early phases of development.

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