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Learn why Blade Gets a Disappointing Filming Update from Marvel Studios

Mahershala Ali’s fans have been waiting for a long time for him to pick up his sword and go on the prowl for some vampires. The actor has only appeared in one piece of official MCU content since his hiring was announced, a voice cameo at the conclusion of Eternals. He might appear in this year’s Disney+ Halloween special, according to rumors, but his solo endeavor is what fans are eagerly for.

Although there are few plot specifics, Marvel has over the years dropped hints. For starters, a casting request for the film would suggest that Taj Mital and Rachel van Helsing will be helping Blade fight Dracula. Dane Whitman, played by Kit Harrington, can possibly be considered for a supporting part.

Despite earlier reports that Atlanta, Georgia-based filming would start in July 2022, it now appears that Ali’s eagerly anticipated movie will have to wait a little bit longer.

Blade’s filming schedule is postponed.

Blade’s production will now begin filming in October at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, according to Lizzie Hill at The Cosmic Circus. The movie appears to be considering shooting in both Morocco and New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Mahershala Ali movie was initially supposed to start filming around the beginning of July. No explanation for the modification was provided.

A Letdown for All Vampire Hunters: An Update

then why the wait? Script changes could certainly be one of the key causes. For better or worse, the film may not be where Marvel Studios wants it to be. Changes in the background, such as schedule conflicts, could serve as another motivator.

It’s challenging to know all the factors that frequently enter into judgments like these, as Hill noted in her research. Fans are eager for the project to begin filming because it has been almost three years since it was initially announced.

The Direct provided the most latest information about the movie, citing sources that said Milan Ray from The Wonder Years had joined the cast in an unnamed capacity. Even while it is still only a rumor, if she has joined the film, one of the potential roles she could be playing is Fallen Grey, who is also known as the title character’s daughter.

Hopefully the movie can still hit theaters in 2023, as that is when it has long been predicted to arrive. Disney now has a November 13 release date reserved, so that date would be a decent indication of when Marvel intends to make Blade available to the public.

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