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Loki Season 2: New Photo Confirms Filming Start

Even after more than a decade of service since his debut in 2011’s Thor, Tom Hiddleston’s Loki remains one of Marvel Studios’ most beloved heroes and villains. After a successful first season on Disney+, Loki is already prepared for a second round of episodes in the near future.

Loki became the first Marvel Studios Disney+ program to be formally confirmed for a Season 2 in its sixth episode’s post-credits sequence, however specifics beyond that remain scant. The complete cast has been confirmed to return for the continuation of Loki’s Disney+ narrative when the Multiverse started to come apart to round off Season 1 in July 2021.


According to reports, Season 2 shooting will begin early this month as Hiddleston and the Marvel crew prepare to take the God of Mischief on his new trip with the Time Variance Authority. Thanks to a fresh shot from the set of the program, it seems that this adventure has officially started.

Season 2 Brings Back the God of Mischief

Cinematographer Isaac Bauman went to Instagram to provide a picture that seems to show that Season 2 of Marvel Studios’ Loki has started production for its debut on Disney+, as shared by @enchantcrs.

The photograph features his customised set chair in front of a blue screen, as well as some of his equipment from the show’s London set. Bauman added a written caption that says, “Day 1, Just the Beginning…:”

Loki Season 2 Production

Instagram: @isaacbauman

Interestingly, Bauman has now removed the image from his Instagram profile, lending validity to Loki’s production commencing.

The online production resource Kemps Film TV Studio revealed that Loki Season 2 started shooting on Monday, June 13.

What Will Loki Season 2 Contain?

Given the numerous strange twists and turns Season 1 of Loki took, including a baby Variant and an alligator Variant of the main character, the anticipation for Season 2 is great.

With this shot indicating that the God of Mischief is back in action, the wait for how his tale will unfold in the MCU over the next several years starts. Moon Knight directorial combo Aaron Benson and Justin Morehead are taking over the program and putting Hiddleston back into the forefront over the next six months, potentially even into the early part of next year.

Season 2’s tale is even more mysterious, given how Jonathan Majors’ He Who Remains threw the Multiverse into full disorder as a consequence of his death at Sylvie’s hands in the Citadel at the End of Time. Tom Hiddleston has already hinted that things would be “chaotic” when his anti-hero comes to the spotlight, and it will be difficult to wait to find out precisely what sort of anarchy and tragedy will result.

Loki Season 2 is presently in production, however its release date on Disney+ is uncertain.

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