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Luke Cage Reboot Is a Real Possibility, According to Netflix Star Luke Cage Avengers MCU

Luke Cage has made a comeback this year when Netflix’s contract with Marvel ended and the Defenders Saga hero relocated to Disney+. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Punisher are all now under the hands of Marvel Studios, which many believe implies it’s time for the Defenders to return.

Charlie Cox has previously reprised his role as Matt Murdock in Spider-Man: No Way Home, perhaps paving the way for the ex-Netflix series to become MCU canon. Late last year, Vincent D’Onofrio reappeared as Daredevil villain Kingpin in Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye, ostensibly confirming he was portraying the same incarnation of the character.

Rumors have subsequently circulated about whether the other Defenders characters would make a comeback now that they are under the Marvel Studios banner.

Recently, Luke Cage actor Mike Colter and Jessica Jones actress Krysten Ritter were sighted together, sparking speculation that the two are reuniting as their Marvel characters. While Colter said that this was only a coincidence, the actor seems to be willing to returning as Luke Cage.

Mike Colter Is Open To Rebooting Luke Cage

Luke Cage

On The Rich Eisen Show, Mike Colter was asked whether a Luke Cage revival will happen, and he said that “there is” a genuine potential, but that he didn’t have “something solid to provide” at the time.

“I suppose there is [a potential], but I’m not sure how probable that is, and I don’t have anything practical to contribute.” People often question me, “Is it feasible?” and I always say, “Anything is possible.” They live off gossip, and I tell them, ‘I mean, you know as much as I do.’ People read such pieces, and they have the same amount of knowledge that I have.”
When asked whether he’d be open to reprising the role, Colter said he’d “be open to it” now that he’s taken a break from it.

“Of course. Yes, I’d be interested. I mean, I had a terrific time, and it was a good respite from all of the excitement, both physically and in terms of shooting a superhero program. So I’d be up for it again, but I was physically exhausted when I left. It’s like, when you do a sport, you need a little downtime. So taking a break was enjoyable, you know?

Will Luke Cage become a member of the Avengers?

While it’s far from a confirmation that a new Luke Cage series is in the works, Colter’s “anything’s possible” remarks resemble those of Kevin Feige on the subject a year ago, when the Marvel executive declared “never say never” to a resurrection of Marvel’s Netflix programs.

Now that Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio have reprised their roles in the MCU, it seems that more Marvel Netflix actors might make their way over to the movie world. Many of the performers, including Colter, seem to be amenable to reprising their roles; all that is required now is the proper occasion.

Luke Cage, in particular, has a long history in Marvel Comics, having debuted in the Secret Invasion narrative as well as as a member of the Thunderbolts. Both of these are projects that Marvel Studios is currently working on, so even if it isn’t a dedicated Luke Cage relaunch, Colter may appear as the hero in other places.

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