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Marvel Actor Reveals Sequel Announcement for Eternals 2

To say that Eternals was eagerly awaited before its release would be an understatement. This MCU epic had a star-studded ensemble and an Oscar-winning director behind the camera. So it was perplexing when the picture received mixed reviews.

When Eternals was released, it was instantly dismissed as a slight letdown for the MCU. The film’s antagonists were a tad lackluster, and the film’s history-spanning plot did not quite reach the mark as some expected.

Many people were skeptical about an Eternals 2 sequel. Even though the film’s concluding scenes introduced several intriguing new characters (Harry Styles’ Starfox and Patton Oswalt’s Pip the Troll), it has become less probable that an Eternals sequel would ever be made. Until now, that is!

Oswalt, Patton Allows Eternal News to Slip

Eternals 2: Marvel Actor Reveals Sequel Announcement

During an interview on The Today Show, Eternals actor Patton Oswalt seemed to reveal that a sequel to Marvel Studios’ Eternals is in the progress, with ChloĆ© Zhao returning as director.

Oswalt made the revelation when speaking with Al Roker “”There will be an Eternals sequel,” and “Chloe Zhao will direct it:

“They’ve revealed that an Eternals sequel would be made, and Chloe Zhao will helm it. So perhaps there will be more Starfox and Pip adventures.”

Is Eternals 2 Actually Happening?

If the destiny of the Eternals in the MCU was murky before, it is much more so now that Patton Oswalt seems to have made a genuine mistake. While an Eternals 2 seemed unlikely, it was almost certainly guaranteed when Marvel Studios presented their forthcoming slate at San Diego Comic-Con. The studio unveiled the next half-decade of the MCU, with Eternals 2 conspicuously missing.

So the fact that it is occurring, at least according to Oswalt, looks strange. Even worse, he seems to believe ChloƩ Zhao is returning to direct when it seemed she had damaged their connection during the development of the first film.

However, if this film is really in the works, fans may already have an idea of when it will be released. Curing the Marvel Studios SDCC presentation, the studio displayed a practically barren Phase 6 slate, with just the Fantastic Four and two Avengers flicks included. So, if Eternals 2 is true, it might easily fill one of those open slots in Phase 6.

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