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Marvel has said that the Illuminati will be in Doctor Strange 2. So who will we see in the movie?

Reed Richards or Namor the Sub-Mariner? We want to know more. 

When the second trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness came out, many people thought that the Illuminati, a secret group, would make their live-action debut. Marvel has finally confirmed that this is the case. 

A voice that sounded a lot like Patrick Stewart, who played the leader of the X-Men, Charles Xavier, in those other superhero movies, said something in the trailer that was released in February. As time went on, Stewart would kind of maybe say that was his voice in some of the press interviews for Star Trek: Picard. 

On Tuesday, Marvel said that it was going to stop going around and around. A new 30-second promo shows a similar scene in which androids drive Dr. Strange in front of these mysterious people. A few seats are empty, but Marvel has cut some things out of past trailers to keep their big revelations a secret. Stephen Strange: The Illuminati will see you now. Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Mordor then says that. 

Which major Marvel comic book hero(es) will we be meeting for the first time when we see them? 

In Marvel comics, Doctor Strange and Xavier were part of the Illuminati, as well as Black Bolt, who was king of the Inhumans; Reed Richards, who was in the Fantastic Four; Namor the Sub-Mariner, who was king of Atlantis; and Iron Man. 

If you look at the Multiverse of Madness, Xavier seems to be a sure thing for Doctor Strange. This shows that Disney plans to use all of the characters it bought from Fox, like the X-Men and Fantastic Four, in the future. Are the X-Men from a different part of the multiverse? That’s how the idea of mutants is brought into the mix. There have been mutants living in the real world for a long time. 

We also think there is a version of Doctor Strange from another world in this group. Because meeting anyone from the comics’ Illuminati in the MCU would be huge, of course There was an ABC show called Inhumans that was quickly canceled, and Disney probably wants us to forget about it. Anson Mount played Black Bolt in that show, but it was quickly canceled. There have also been rumors that Namor might show up in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, which is coming out next year. He might be setting up a bigger story for that person. There’s a new Fantastic Four movie coming out for the MCU with Spider-Man director Jon Watts at the helm, and we already know that. Reed Richards might make his first appearance as part of the Illuminati in Doctor Strange, but how long before that? 

Even though Disney and Marvel have done this before, it wouldn’t be the first time they did it. Here are a few examples of Harry Styles: Then again, maybe this movie will have a different group of Illuminati than the one they have in mind. 

Marvel Studios’ Dr. Strange is in the Multiverse of Madness, where he works. 

Another question is how this version of the Illuminati works. They worked behind the scenes to change the world and deal with global threats in the comics, with a member from each of the major superhero teams having a say. 

In the Multiverse of Madness, what we know about Dr. Strange is that the multiverse has been thrown into chaos by Doc’s spell that went wrong in Spider-Man: No Way Home, which caused the multiverse. The three of them will travel through the multiverse with Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez). They will see different versions of themselves, including the evil one we saw in the animated What If…? Disney+ series. In this case, are the Illuminati more like guardians of the multiverse, and they want to stop Doctor Strange from messing things up even more?

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