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Marvel Studios Should Consider 7 Directors for ‘Fantastic Four’ 

Who is the greatest choice to resurrect Marvel’s founding family? 

Following the completion of the Disney-Fox agreement, many MCU fans were pleased that The Fantastic Four would finally join the MCU, and Marvel Studios has already begun planning their appearance. The classic Marvel team is presently poised to complete Phase 4 with a remake film, and theories have circulated regarding who would play each member. While no official casting news has emerged, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness did debut John Krasinski as Richard Reeds/Mr. Fantastic, and the reboot did find a director early on, with MCU Spider-Man filmmaker Jon Watts originally intended to direct. 

However, the Fantastic Four revival has encountered a hiccup, with Watts departing the project, claiming a desire to take a break from superhero movies for a time. A valid explanation, but the Fantastic Four now lacks a commander, and Marvel Studios must find a suitable substitute. Fortunately, they have a plethora of excellent alternatives for incorporating The Fantastic Four into the MCU. 

Reed, Peyton (Ant-Man, Ant-Man and the Wasp) 


Peyton Reed, who directed all of the Ant-Man films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is the best filmmaker to compare to Watts. 

With Reed already being an MCU graduate, he would fit right in, and the tone of Ant-humor Man’s and sci-fi action isn’t all that unlike to that of Fantastic Four. Plus, with the forthcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, he’s likely to determine the path of the MCU moving forward, so why not have him also introduce an essential new squad of heroes? 

Krasinski, John (A Quiet Place Franchise) 


Is-John-Krasinski-in-The-Fantastic-Four-Movie-feature To be honest, since Krasinski is already scheduled to portray Mr. Fantastic in the next remake, it wouldn’t be unexpected if Marvel Studios hired him to helm as well. 

With both A Quiet Place pictures, Krasinski has shown himself to be a very talented filmmaker, and why go for a director when you have one right in front of you? Fans would undoubtedly appreciate the option, and Krasinski seems to be up to the challenge. 

Chow, Deborah (Obi-Wan Kenobi Series) 

MarvelThe new Obi-Wan Kenobi series for Disney+ will reintroduce Ewan McGregor as the fan-favorite Jedi, with director Deborah Chow scheduled to handle the whole series, and if it works out, it wouldn’t be surprising if Marvel Studios hired her to film Fantastic Four. 

Kevin Feige, the chairman of Marvel Studios, has indicated interest in having a more diverse lineup of filmmakers work in the MCU, and Chow’s expertise in the genre and directing has made her more than qualified to direct Fantastic Four. If Obi-Wan Kenobi becomes a huge success, don’t be shocked if Chow becomes a frontrunner. 

Whannell, Leigh (The Invisible Man, Upgrade) 

MarvelGiven his affinity for the horror genre, Leigh Whannell would be a long shot for Fantastic Four, but Marvel Studios should not neglect him. 

The DCEU has profited greatly by bringing well-known horror filmmakers into the field to produce their superhero films, and with films like Upgrade and The Invisible Man, Whannell has shown his distinct vision for sci-fi that would be fantastic to see in a Fantastic Four picture. 

Lin, Justin (Fast and Furious Franchise) Marvel

With the announcement that Fast and Furious veteran Justin Lin is leaving the next tenth chapter, it’s feasible that he’ll have time to join the MCU to helm Fantastic Four. 

Given his past with the Fast and Furious series, Lin is no stranger to helming massive franchises for years on end, and his films have shown that he can work on a wide scale and scope while still delivering immensely enjoyable action. Not to add, he’s been a key part of developing the Fast and Furious family, which is something the MCU will undoubtedly want with its Fantastic Four flicks. 

Herron, Kate (Loki Series) Marvel

kate-herron-loki get-together Another MCU veteran who may helm Fantastic Four is Loki filmmaker Kate Herron, whose great work on Loki should make her a strong choice. 

Herron has demonstrated that she can direct tales that connect with audiences, which Fantastic Four will need when it premieres. Loki remains one of the MCU’s most adored series, and set off a period of traveling into the universe, so she can absolutely take on large jobs. 

Mr. Travis Knight (Bumblebee) 


It’s mind-boggling that filmmaker Travis Knight hasn’t been snatched up by major studios for comparable large projects after Bumblebee virtually salvaged the Transformers brand. He would be an excellent candidate for Marvel Studios if he was cast in Fantastic Four. 

His emotive heart and amazing action in both Bumblebee and his animated directorial debut Kubo and the Two Strings would be ideal for a Fantastic Four film. Knight is the kind of innovative and easy-to-like filmmaker who would fit right in with the MCU, and Fantastic Four is a good vehicle for him to enter the fray.

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