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MCU President Finally Explains Why Ms. Marvel’s Powers Have Been Changed 

Fans of Kamala Khan have been understandably concerned about the character’s planned Disney+ series. It became increasingly clear that her abilities will be dramatically altered in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While in the comics she possesses elastic abilities similar to Mr. Fantastic, she seems to have light construct powers similar to Green Lantern in the Ms. Marvel series. 

Marvel Studios has been silent about the character’s adaption alteration, leaving many fans to question why they would modify something so major. It would also be the first time the studio has made such a drastic modification to one of its leading superheroes’ basic strength. 


However, in anticipation of the series’ June launch, Marvel has now explained why they opted to modify Kamala’s talents. 

Ms. Marvel has no stretchy powers. 

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige finally addressed why Kamala Khan’s abilities altered in the MCU in an interview with Empire. 

According to Feige, Kamala’s initial abilities stemmed from the character being “at a very precise period inside the comic-book history,” which “didn’t fit” within the “very specific time within the MCU continuity.” As they watch the program, fans will “learn about where those abilities originate from” and how they are “unique to the MCU:” 


“We alter the comics; there is no perfect translation.” [Kamala] appeared at a certain point in the comic-book timeline. She is now entering a very precise point in the MCU timeline. And those two things were incompatible. What we will discover about where those abilities originate from and how they manifest themselves is unique to the MCU.” 

He also sought to reassure Kamala fans that, despite the modification, the character would still have “huge, enormous hands and arms… in spirit:” 

“Great comic splash panels will appear in several of our action moments.” If you want large, massive hands and arms, they’re present in spirit, if not in flexible, plastic-like ways.” The reason her talents are so particular to the MCU is because Kamala Khan’s narrative will relate “to her other friends that she will meet in the future film The Marvels,” which will also connect “to her own history, ancestry, and lineage:” 

“It ties to her other pals in the next film The Marvels, which dips into the future of her narrative.” She’s curious, ‘Great, does it mean I’m an Asgardian?’ Was I struck by gamma rays?’ No, it seems to be none of those things. It relates to her own background, ancestry, and lineage.” It’s not looking good for Kamala’s origin. 

What Feige is likely referring to is how Kamala’s comic book origin is linked to the Inhumans, whom the MCU has yet to establish as a group, despite the panned Marvel Television series. However, this does not explain why her abilities had to be modified, since not being an Inhuman would not have prevented her from having the same powers in the comics. 

One of the central tenets of Kamala Khan’s origin in the comics is that her talents are inherently strange and nasty, since they require her whole body twisting and reshaping itself to correspond with her arc of maturation. When Kamala initially gained her abilities, she shapeshifted into her hero, Carol Danvers, which exacerbated her self-hatred as a brown Muslim girl. 

However, with these additional abilities, none of that is now conceivable, which is frustrating. Kamala’s abilities have always served as a strong metaphor for her emotional difficulties, so it will be fascinating to see how the MCU applies her new abilities to those same challenges. 

Another question is whether these abilities would be derived purely from her bracelet, which she might conceivably remove if her abilities cause her problems, as shown in the comics. But, of course, any effort at a metaphor akin to Kamala’s original narrative would be ruined. 

So, when Ms. Marvel arrives on Disney+ on June 8, viewers will have to learn about Kamala’s origins and how her new abilities function.

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