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MCU producer talks about Brie Larson’s original plan for Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel brought to the MCU a different kind of hero. Kamala Khan, played by Iman Vellani, is not only a Muslim teen with Pakistani roots, but she is also a huge fan of the Avengers, especially Captain Marvel, played by Brie Larson. Ms. Marvel’s six-episode Disney+ series told the story of how she became a hero. Next year, she will join Carol Danvers and Monica Rambeau in The Marvels. This led many people to think that one of her new team members would show up on TV.

After a lot of waiting, the last scene of Ms. Marvel was a short appearance by Captain Marvel, played by Brie Larson. This set up her team-up with Kamala in The Marvels. After Kamala’s bangle started to glow in a scary way, she was suddenly taken away, destroying her cupboard and leaving her Avenger idol behind.


Many people probably weren’t surprised by the Avenger’s cameo, but most were expecting to see her actually meet Kamala before they work together on the big screen next year. Well, that almost happened, because an MCU producer said Larson almost had a bigger part.

Early plans for Captain Marvel were shown by the producer of Ms. Marvel.

Bisha K. Ali, the producer of Ms. Marvel, talked to Variety about the original plan for Brie Larson’s role as Captain Marvel in the Disney+ show.

The MCU producer first explained what Larson would be doing in the scene after the credits. He said, “Kamala doesn’t turn into Carol.” As many people thought, the two switched places, which is a “important difference” because Kamala has changed into Danvers before in the comics:

“Correct. It’s an important difference because in the comic books, Kamala can change her appearance. In Issue 1, she looks like Carol Danvers. On the show, she’s not becoming Carol. There is Carol Danvers in Kamala’s room.”

People used to think that Kamala had turned into Captain Marvel, but that never seemed likely given that Carol was confused when she saw pictures of Kamala all over the walls.

Ali confirmed that there were talks at the “very, very, very beginning” of the series about having Captain Marvel show up earlier, but she wanted the series to be about “[Kamala] and her community, her family, and her friends:”


“Certainly, that was talked about at the very, very, very beginning, a long time ago. The more I thought about what I wanted the show to say and what I wanted her to go through, the more I realized that it had to be about her, her community, her family, and her friends.”

Ali says that when Ms. Marvel meets Captain Marvel in The Marvels, she will be “her own person” because of the journey she’s been on this season.

“So, Carol is going to meet up with her after her journey in the season. She is Kamala all by herself. At the end, she looks in the mirror, but she doesn’t see a copy of Captain Marvel like she does in Episode 1. She sees Kamala wearing a suit made by her mother, masks made by Bruno, and a sash from Red Dagger. Then, a few seconds later, she gets her name from her own father. At that moment, she is becoming her own person.”

The creator of the Disney+ show went on to say that it “felt really important, actually, that they hadn’t met yet.”

“So I think it would have gone in a very different direction if she had met Carol sooner than in the movie coming out next year, when she will meet Carol. Still, she’s going to be so excited and happy when they finally get to meet. But in this journey, in this character’s development, it felt like it was really important that they didn’t meet.”

Why Captain Marvel’s Cameo Was a Good Idea In Marvel Comics, Kamala Khan and Carol Danvers met for the first time in Ms. Marvel #17. At that point, Carol Danvers was already a well-known hero in her own right. During an Incursion between two universes, the two met. As you might expect, they quickly became mentor and student.

In the end, this was the best choice for the comics because it gave Kamala time to grow as a hero before she finally met her hero idol. Even though Captain Marvel was the main inspiration for Ms. Marvel, that doesn’t mean she isn’t a character in her own right who should be able to grow in her own way.

In the context of the series, introducing Captain Marvel too early would have made Ms. Marvel less of a hero, since Carol Danvers could have easily dealt with the problems Kamala was facing. Not only that, but the appearance of a major Avenger would have taken away all attention from Iman Vellani’s new hero.

By the time The Marvels comes out, both Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel will have had one solo movie, which should make people see them as about the same. Monica Rambeau, played by Teyonah Parris, will have a lot to catch up on since she is the only one of the three who has never been on a solo mission. She only got her powers in the last few episodes of WandaVision.

Now, fans will be eager to find out how Captain Marvel reacts when he suddenly shows up at the Khans’ house and where Ms. Marvel has come from in the universe. Also, the last thing we heard about Rambeau was that he was going to space to meet up with Nick Fury. This could be something that Secret Invasion talks about.

The Marvels, a movie that comes out on July 28, 2023, will bring together this soon-to-be-iconic trio of female heroes.

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