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MCU Theory Linking Ms. Marvel’s Powers to Spider-Man: Homecoming

When Marvel Studios chose to include Kamala Khan into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it was agreed early on that her abilities would be altered for Ms. Marvel on Disney+. However, one new idea not only relates back to Kamala’s initial powers, but also to Spider-Man: No Way Home and the MCU’s current universe.

The character was “coming into a very precise moment inside the MCU storyline,” according to Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige. Of course, this comment means that Kamala Khan is no longer an Inhuman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but The Marvels co-star is likely to be positioned as a more major part in this series going ahead.

With each endeavor, it looks that everything is moving to a “Secret Wars” adaptation with Johnathon Majors’ Kang the Conqueror as the villain. So, would you be shocked to hear that not only are Ms. Marvel’s original comic-book abilities inherently linked to the universe, but she also has strange ties to Kang?

Explanation of Ms. Marvel’s Original Powers

Ms. Marvel’s abilities seem to be comparable to Mr. Fantastic’s in the comics, but what isn’t discussed as much is her resemblance to Ant-Man. Kamala, in addition to her stretchy physique, can change her size to something as large as a skyscraper or as little as an ant.

However, several admirers questioned how Kamala Khan was able to achieve this, particularly as she shrunk and her extra fat seemed to vanish. Furthermore, she would gather bulk out of thin air as she expanded many times her own size.


Multiverse Ms. Marvel Comic Page — Issue #34 of “Ms. Marvel” (2015)
Even certain characters, like as Kamala’s buddy Bruno, questioned it, and when her talents started to malfunction, Bruno soon figured out how the adolescent vigilante’s powers operated. The adolescent soon found that Ms. Marvel’s abilities were dependent on the Multiverse itself.

Simply said, Kamala Khan can share her mass with numerous versions of herself across time and space and, on a molecular level, jumps worlds whenever she utilizes her talents. For example, as Ms. Marvel expanded in size, she took mass from other Kamala Khans from other realities who were shrinking at the time.

It’s a ludicrous and very inventive explanation of how her abilities operate, but it also helped Kamala become engaged in tales about the Multiverse. However, how does this relate to the series? When Kamala wore that bracelet to AvengerCon, something unusual occurred.

Where Will Kamala’s Bangle Lead Her?

When the Muslim adolescent put on the bracelet, her eyes lit purple and she fell backward into what seemed to be another universe. However, before that occurs, viewers are treated to a semi-familiar scene in which purple rips erupt around her as she descends.

Ms. Marvel

When beings started to find their way into Earth-616 through tears in the Multiverse, similar tears were visible in No Way Home. Of course, there are only so many hues to select from, but it’s an intriguing coincidence anyway.


An even odder coincidence is what Kamala sees in these tears: hundreds of individuals with luminous white eyes around her. Could these folks be various versions of Kamala from throughout the Multiverse?


After all, this is another startlingly similar sight to No Way Home, when spectators see brilliant white outlines of humans within the universe rips.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

In the comics, Ms. Marvel is taken to a distant realm when her abilities run out of hand for the first time. The planet she finds herself in is tinted with blue rather than purple, but the environment is similar, with hills and a starry sky.

“Ms. Marvel” (2015) — Issue #33

Falling Multiverse Ms. Marvel Comic Panel “Ms. Marvel” (2015) — Issue #33

Not to note that Kamala is depicted slipping into this reality, just as she does in the episode “Generation Why.”

“Ms. Marvel” (2015) — Issue #33

Madame Marvel Kamala Khan Multiverse Comic Panel\s”Ms. Marvel” (2015) — Issue #33
Kamala’s connection to the Multiverse extends beyond the scope of her talents, as she meets Kang the Conqueror in one comic arc.

Relationship to Kang the Conqueror

In the comics, Kamala Khan has a strange relationship to Kang the Conqueror, which started with “Avengers: Back to Basics,” when Kamala Khan is sent back in time to when the Avengers were initially formed. She meets her mother, who is later struck by a bus after proving herself and becoming a team member.

Kang “Avengers: Back to Basics” Comic Panel (2018) — Issue #6

Kang “Avengers: Back to Basics” Comic Panel (2018) — Issue #6
As Kamala mourns her mother’s death, she is met by Kang himself, who claims responsibility for Kamala’s voyage to the past and ensuing torment—all because he felt like it. Ms. Marvel from the far future, on the other hand, is able to stop Kang and restore her previous self to the present.

Kang Ms. Marvel “Infinity Wars” Comic Panel (2018) — Issue #4

Kang Ms. Marvel “Infinity Wars” Comic Panel (2018) — Issue #4
However, in another comic event, “Infinity Wars,” numerous characters, including Moon Knight and Spider-Man, Wolverine and Emma Frost, but also Ms. Marvel and Kang the Conqueror, are fused together. In a really bizarre coincidence, these two characters make yet another strange relationship, so it’s unclear if Marvel Comics has any behind-the-scenes adventures planned for the two characters.

Page of Ms. Marvel Kang Fusion Comics

“Ms. Marvel: Beyond the Limit” (issue #5) (2021)
In fact, fans may see this version of Kamala again in the most current comic series featuring the adolescent hero, “Beyond the Limit.” Because Kang is expected to be the villain of this new MCU and “Secret Wars” narrative, Kamala’s talents and connection to the time-spanning warlord might be employed.

A Specific Time in MCU Multiverse

As Feige pointed out, Ms. Marvel is coming in at a specific period in this massive series, which will shortly go head-first into the Multiverse and Kang, both of whom Kamala has ties to in the comics. But will both of them figure into her new abilities or subsequent appearances in the MCU?

Hiring theoretical physicist Clifford Johnson as a consultant for the project would make a lot more sense, given he mostly works on films or television programs that include time travel or the multiverse. So, rather than borrowing or sharing mass with other versions of herself, what if the energy of her hard light structures is what unites them all?

It might also offer Kamala a cause to be more engaged in whatever Multiversal plot Marvel Studios has planned for Kang. When confronting a guy who wants to use the Multiverse to conquer everything, having some link to it would surely be advantageous.

But, viewers will have to continue watching Ms. Marvel on Disney+ to fully grasp the depth of her talents and if they link to the cosmos.

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