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New Image Sparks Theories Regarding the MCU Returns of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones

Throughout Phase 4, the MCU is expanding more than ever before, finally including characters from Marvel TV’s older Netflix series over the last several years. During the same time period, Charlie Cox’s Daredevil had a prominent moment in Spider-Man: No Way Home, while Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin was revealed to be Hawkeye’s greatest foe in Episodes 5 and 6. Luke Cage and Jessica Jones may be Netflix’s greatest power couple at the moment.

While it is unknown whether these two characters’ solo series would be restored and deemed canon inside the MCU, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige used the adage “never say never” when inquiring about the possibility in mid-2021. Similarly, considering how many fans enjoyed Mike Colter and Krysten Ritter’s portrayals of the two characters, their future inclusion in the mainstream MCU cannot be ruled out.

In March 2022, Ritter even fanned rumors that she will return to her role as Jessica Jones by posting images of herself sporting a Jessica Jones-like outfit for an unknown reason.

Three years after her last appearance on Netflix, she has returned to internet entertainment with a new film that has sparked significant speculation about a prospective comeback.

Jessica Jones Actress Maintains MCU Rumors

Fans speculated on Twitter and Reddit as to what the two may be doing together after seeing this image.

Jessica Jones and Luke Cage

@Pollos Hernandy posted the image on Twitter with the caption “EVERYONE WAKE UP-” to alert followers to the present situation.

In an annotation accompanying the picture, @BuhardiMarvel utilized the personalities of the two performers to express confidence that they will return to their MCU jobs:

“Jessica Jones shared a selfie of herself and Luke… Unfortunately, Krysten Ritter has posted a picture with Mike Colter. It’s worthwhile to dream. I hope they both return”

@MacaMaida93 The two celebrities appearing in the same shot prompted the inquiry as to whether this was a dream come true. The tweet also included a picture of Charlie Day’s analytical board from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and a flag for Alias Investigation from the Jessica Jones series, while posing the question of what is obscured on Ritter’s shirt:

“Krysten Ritter and Mike Colter

Do my desires come true and RETURN?


@bxrzrxk Noticing that the Echo program is now shooting, she posted a photo of Ritter and Colter with the caption “I sense little things coming in Echo.”

Various comments also appeared on a Reddit page spotlighting the photograph as fans speculated about what may be forthcoming with Ritter and Colter.

User u/Rotasevian quoted a critical statement from Jeremy Renner’s opening scene in 2019’s Avengers: Endgame: “Don’t do that… don’t give me hope.”

u/Nahim33 pulled up the blurry pink tag on Ritter’s shirt, eagerly gathering information on what the actor would need to conceal in the photograph:

“Why did she smudge the label? What are you concealing, Krysten?”

u/Nahim33 was nearly confident that Ritter is filming new content for the next Echo series, suggesting that Colter may be doing the same.

“it’s likely she’s aiming for Echo right now.”

When Will the Returns of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage Be?

Jessica Jones and Luke Cage

Now that the six episodes comprising the Defenders saga are available on Disney+, fans eagerly anticipate the day when the programs’ star actors and actresses all find their way into the MCU narrative close to the Avengers. After Cox and D’Onofrio began this trend near the end of last season, all indications point to Ritter and Colter as the next candidates for this honor.

A few fans have hypothesized that Ritter may play a significant role as early as August, when She-Hulk is released, allowing the private investigator Jessica to collaborate with a few of the MCU’s most notable superhero attorneys. Throw in an anticipated reunion between Charlie Cox’s Daredevil and maybe Mike Colter’s Luke Cage in the upcoming Echo series, and the momentum for both programs to debut on Disney+ continues to rise.

While neither Jessica Jones nor Luke Cage’s involvement in the MCU has been confirmed at this time, images such as these just fuel speculation about where they may be featured and reprise their heroic roles in the future. However, till until time, supporters may wait for official updates on this matter as Phase 4 continues to advance.

Echo is currently filming ahead of its anticipated 2023 launch on Disney+. She-Hulk begins streaming on August 17, meanwhile.

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