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Ten of the most evil Marvel characters

Because they aren’t the Platonic ideal for superheroes, Marvel’s superheroes connect with fans. They have faults and foibles that make them more relatable, which readers love. Some comics, though, take that technique a little too far. These heroes are not necessarily the most courageous. They’ve been downright wicked at times, taking their heroics to dark depths.

They may be heroes who will go to any extent to stop evil. Other times, they’ve caused as much harm as they’ve avoided, and some have made enemies of individuals they thought were allies. They’re still heroes, but it might be difficult to tell them apart from the evil they battle.

10 Wolverine has no reservations about killing.

10 Most Villainous Marvel Heroes, Ranked

Calling Wolverine a villain may seem like a stretch, given that few heroes are more virtuous than him. However, his approaches are similar to those of a villain. Wolverine is well aware that he is a murderer, and he is unafraid of it. He goes to extremes for the right causes, which is important, but it doesn’t alter the reality that he has terminated the lives of countless individuals.

Outside of the X-Men, Wolverine is noted for being gruff and short with most heroes. He’s a fantastic hero, but he has no boundaries. He’ll torture someone for information if necessary. If someone needs to die, he will also switch out their lights.

9 Other than who he kills, Deadpool hasn’t changed much.

10 Most Villainous Marvel Heroes, Ranked

Deadpool was always on sale to the highest bidder, but he’s moved away from that life in recent years. He used to be a thorn in the side of Cable and X-Force, but now he’s a new type of annoyance. Deadpool wants to be a hero, and it doesn’t matter who he has to anger or who he has to murder to get there.

Deadpool, like Wolverine, has no qualms about wading hip-deep in his adversaries’ blood to achieve his objectives. His wacky sense of humour softens the blow, yet Deadpool is continually coming up with new methods to slaughter his foes. That alone makes you feel like a villain.

8 The Punisher is essentially a serial killer.

10 Most Villainous Marvel Heroes, Ranked

The Punisher has wreaked havoc on the criminal underbelly. While calling him a mass murderer is true, another word might be more appropriate: serial killer. Frank Castle is a terribly traumatized guy who hunts criminals out of an obsessive need to eradicate all crime.

Of all, Punisher’s main redeeming feature is that he exclusively targets the worst of the worst. Aside than that, he’s essentially a villain who murders wicked people. Punisher may sometimes murder less people in attempt to fit in with the other heroes, but this never lasts.

7 The Hulk’s rampages have destroyed lives.

10 Most Villainous Marvel Heroes, Ranked

The Hulk is a complicated character, yet his deeds may be quite evil. From the start, the Hulk is at conflict with the United States military, which is not unusual for superheroes. The distinction is his destructive potential. Hulk has harmed numerous troops who were only carrying out instructions.

Hulk’s rampages have devastated whole cities, destroying people’s lives. He’s also spent more time than anybody else battling superheroes, to the point that practically every big team has an anti-Hulk strategy. When under control, the Hulk may be a huge aid to the world, yet the amount of harm he’s done, even without killing, is immense.

6 Namor is known for being the worst teammate. Imaginable

10 Most Villainous Marvel Heroes, Ranked

Namor is the Marvel Universe’s most powerful aquatic hero. The King of Atlantis has numerous times invaded the surface world, yet he has also been a member of the Avengers and the X-Men. However, he is nearly always a disruptive presence on whatever squad he is a member of, his arrogance and feeling of superiority putting him against his comrades.

Namor straddles the line between hero and evil, yet he always leans toward the villain. Because of his terrible attitude and rage, he is tough to deal with. His collaboration with Doctor Doom is superior to his collaborations with all other heroes save the Invisible Woman and Emma Frost.

5 Professor X is as cunning as any villain.

10 Most Villainous Marvel Heroes, Ranked

Professor X established himself as the most powerful mutant on the world. His vision gave rise to the X-Men, and his position as the mutant community’s leader led to the establishment of the mutant country of Krakoa. Professor X confronted great enemies with telepathic force, but his experience commanding an army influenced his principles.

Professor X grew into a guy who had no issue erasing people’s minds, dominating them, and harboring awful secrets from those he cared about. He’s a great manipulator, which makes him just as terrible as the psychic baddies he’s fighting. For the most of his time with the X-Men, he’s been a benign dictator, making every decision and doing whatever he thought appropriate to keep mutantkind safe.

4 Nick Fury has gone to great lengths to ensure his freedom.

10 Most Villainous Marvel Heroes, Ranked

Being a spy, even for the “good” side, might put one’s morality at risk. There is no better example of this than Nick Fury. Over the years, Fury has done a lot to preserve the world, but he’s also had to sign off on a few horrible actions. Fury has gotten his hands filthy on several times in the interest of liberty. He is willing to go to any length to win.

What distinguishes Fury from other heroes who have acted as spies, such as Black Widow or Wolverine, is his willingness to utilize people for his own ends. He’s waging a war, and he’ll take all means necessary to win. The boundary between Fury and villains like Baron Strucker is becoming more thin.

3 The Beast has adopted a “ends justify the means” mentality.

10 Most Villainous Marvel Heroes, Ranked

The Beast has been an X-Man since his inception. For someone who has been a hero for as long as he has, it stands to reason that he has matured into a great hero, a role model for the next generation. However, his whole development has been in the other way. Beast has chosen a different approach as the situation for mutants has deteriorated over time.

Beast is willing to go to any length to defend his people. He almost breaches the timestream by transporting the original five X-Men to the present. As the leader of the Krakoan X-Force, he has committed international crimes that would have plunged the fledgling country into war if others hadn’t cleaned up his mess.

2 The Sentry’s complicated relationship with the Void has always rendered him a villain.

10 Most Villainous Marvel Heroes, Ranked

The Sentry became the New Avengers’ most powerful member, but he came with a lot of baggage. The Sentry was a renowned hero in the early days of the Marvel Universe. However, the discovery that Sentry and the world-ending monster, the Void, were the same motivated heroes to rid the world of him. Sentry’s heroic comeback took everyone to some dark places.

As time passed, the Sentry gradually lost control, enabling the Void to take possession. He became Norman Osborn’s primary enforcer, giving the Void even more power. Sentry was killed by Marvel’s heroes, but his inevitable resurrection caused him to merge with the Void and imperil the whole world.

1 Iron Man Is A Bad Person

10 Most Villainous Marvel Heroes, Ranked

Iron Man has always had to deal with a slew of demons. One of them is that he is a horrible guy. To begin with, Iron Man does not trust many individuals to do the right thing, which is where the Illuminati enters into play. After winning the superhero civil war, he assaulted his fellow heroes for exploiting his technology and lead S.H.I.E.L.D. to catastrophe.

The superhero civil war quickly became Iron Man’s most heinous moment. His acts were those of a selfish opportunist, collaborating with unjust people for his own gain. Iron Man betrayed his comrades, collaborated with evil, and tarnished his name.

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