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Robert Downey Jr. Colorizes His Hair Blue (Photos) 

Almost no one is more associated with the MCU than Robert Downey Jr., who helped bring the series to life in 2008 as Tony Stark/Iron Man. He was not just the main character in his own series, but also the highest-paid actor in all four Avengers films and the whole Infinity Saga. That is, until Tony was tragically killed in 2019’s Avengers: Endgame. 

Downey hasn’t slowed down with his acting career since leaving the MCU three years ago, staying an influential player in the entertainment world on a daily basis. He’s already going to act as an executive producer on two distinct Sherlock Holmes spin-off projects for HBO Max, and he’s also in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, which has one of the most impressive ensembles of any film in recent memory. 

Downey now has the chance to enjoy more of his daily life, especially since he and his wife Susan brought their son Exton Elias Downey into the world. In his most recent social media post, the MCU legend revealed a colorful new off-screen style. 

The Iron Man actor debuted a new blue hairstyle. 

Robert Downey Jr., star of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, came to Twitter to post a photo of himself with a new appearance after dyeing his hair totally blue. In Southern California, he may be spotted on a baseball field with his wife Susan, soaking up the rays: 

RDJ Experimenting with His Hairstyle Robert

Robert Downey Jr. is notorious for sharing updates on how much he enjoys life, whether it’s his new business projects or just laughing with his old MCU co-stars. This new blue hairstyle seems to fit in nicely with that atmosphere, and regardless of the explanation, he’s likely to turn some heads as he takes some daring decisions with his iconic appearance.


Downey might have just done this for fun during a break in his filming schedule, given he’s either completed or near to finishing Oppenheimer and has nothing else on his public filming schedule at the time. Given his demeanor and work ethic, he’s more than free to experiment with his hairstyle while living the life of a Hollywood celebrity. 

Any post like this will have MCU fans wondering if and when he would return to his most renowned position as Tony Stark, particularly given he has been absent from the MCU since the conclusion of Phase 3. In Season 1 of What If…?, Marvel cast another actor in the role, and although whispers of a Downey comeback have surfaced lately, it remains to be seen if the guy behind Iron Man is eager to reprise his fan-favorite role.

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