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Season 2 of Moon Knight: The Producer Teases Jake Lockley’s Potential Future

Moon Knight by Marvel Studios just touched the surface of what the primary character might offer to the table, especially in terms of the many characters that propel the major hero’s tale forward. Season 1 was mostly on Marc Spector and his major alter ego, Steven Grant, however the darker Jake Lockley was also present throughout the series.

In the post-credits sequence from Episode 6, Oscar Isaac played Jake Lockley, who drove up to the mental facility in a beautiful limousine before presumably executing Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow. While this instantly opens up some crazy possible stories for Season 2 if and when Moon Knight is renewed, Jake’s presence already has fans speculating about what’s to come.

Jake Lockley was hinted at least a dozen times in Season 1 before being revealed by name, introducing a new aspect to Marc Spector’s burgeoning reputation in the MCU. According to the team that worked on Moon Knight, Marc’s most aggressive personality is just getting started.

The Journey of Jake Lockley in Moon Knight Season 2


Moon Knight head writer Jeremy Slater spoke with Inverse about where Jake Lockley, Marc Spector’s second alternative identity, may appear in future MCU installments.

While Slater stated that this version of the character is “certainly not the same Jake from the comics,” he also hinted that when he gets beyond Moon Knight Season 1, he will be a “open book.”

As of yet, neither Marc Spector nor Steven Grant are aware of Jake’s existence, and it’s uncertain if Jake is a good or terrible character. What is certain is that Jake remains strongly bonded with Khonshu, since the two are more in agreement about how to deal evil persons than Khonshu was with Marc or Steven:

“Marc and Steven are completely oblivious of his presence.” We don’t know whether he’s any good. Is he a bad guy? He’s obviously working for Khonshu. We know he has some type of plan. And we know he clearly agrees with Khonshu’s viewpoint on punishing evildoers.”
Slater is especially interested in the subject of whether Jake and, by implication, Moon Knight are allies or enemies in a prospective Season 2:

“Everything is for the greater benefit.” But will he become a friend? Is he an adversary? All of them are intriguing questions for whomever takes the reins. That’s an intriguing promise for whomever gets to tell the next Moon Knight narrative, whether it’s myself or someone else. This man’s tale is far from over.”
Lockley, Jake Prepared to Cause Mayhem
Speaking with the team behind Moon Knight, it’s apparent that Jake Lockley was always a crucial aspect of the hero’s entrance to the MCU. Jake’s relevance to Marc Spector’s character rises with each successive disclosure, whether it was via subtle Easter eggs placed in the film or even an unintentional allusion to the character’s presence.

As of now, there has been no official confirmation that Moon Knight will continue on to Season 2, however there have been a few subtle signs that it is in the works for the near future. When that happens, Jake will be a character that fans start hunting for right away.

Stars from Season 1 have already hinted at the type of influence he’ll have on future plotlines, especially given his passionate personality and tendency for murdering without guilt for the time being. And, given that he’s the only ego inside Marc Spector still tied to Khonshu, the superhero side of the equation will be one that raises even more questions in the future.

Moon Knight Season 1 is now available to watch on Disney+.

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