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Sebastian Stan Doesn’t Think Kevin Feige Gets Enough Credit

One of Marvel’s consistent performers since 2011, Sebastian Stan recently stated that he doesn’t think Kevin Feige gets enough credit for what he’s accomplished with the MCU.

Over 25 films under their belt, the MCU has been one of the greatest endeavors in the history of film; and has taken the franchise model of filmmaking to the extreme.

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Where other productions studios have hopes of delivering a quality franchise to their fans- with a possible trilogy as the most they could hope for Marvel Studios has redefined what success in franchise filmmaking even looks like with what they’ve accomplished.

The MCU isn’t a franchise film, it is the interconnected cinematic universe of many franchises, each operation with its own trilogy of successful films worked got build up a greater narrative of the universe as a whole.

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Kevin Feige is the man most responsible for the success of the MCU; as a producer, it is Feige has been the main voice overseeing the entire interconnectedness of the universe since the first Iron Man film in 2008.

For as many accolades as he has received, and all the praise heaped upon him, there is still a consistent thought that few appreciate how incredibly genre-defining Feige’s work with Marvel has been; not only during his decade long run in the MCU but his establishment of the Marvel Universe prior to it.

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Sebastian Stan recently discussed why he doesn’t think Kevin Feige gets enough credit; when in an interview with Vanity Fair the actor talked about the challenge that lies in bringing all of these various worlds together.

“I just think Kevin Feige doesn’t get as much credit as he deserves for being the genius mastermind for putting this entire thing together,” Stan stated.

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“And every single movie to me feels intricate kind of tied to something else and to another storyline and it just, there’s a lot of those movies I think that sometimes they don’t get the credit they deserve.”

Amidst the Spider-Man: No Way Home Oscar snub, Stan’s words should hold more weight; as the veteran actor has seen both sides of the movie-making business, in smaller productions, and vice versa.

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It has been a trend in Hollywood to downplay the impact of Marvel cinemas, and those behind their production, but Stan is completely right; Feige has established himself as one of Cinema’s greatest producers ever, and what he has done has changed the industry forever.

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