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The first footage from the Disney+ Groot Show has been released.

Among the Phase 4 blockbusters that have previously delivered dramatic Multiversal shocks and game-changing twists, Marvel Studios will shortly slow things down for I Am Groot. All five episodes of the Disney+ shorts series will launch on August 10, exactly one week before She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

It’s unclear if these shorts are MCU official, although they seem to take place after Guardians of the Galaxy and before Avengers: Infinity War, since Vin Diesel’s talking tree remains in his famous Baby Groot form.

Marvel Studios recently honored the upcoming release by releasing one episode in cinemas before select showings of Thor: Love and Thunder. Because of this early release, the first synopsis of Episode 1, “Magnum Opus,” has leaked online.

Full Episode 1 Description of I Am Groot

First Disney+ Groot Show Footage Released

The next section includes spoilers for I Am Groot’s “Magnum Opus.”

In preparation of the I Am Groot shorts debuting on Disney+ on August 10, Marvel Studios aired the inaugural episode of “Magnum Opus” in select cinemas before Thor: Love and Thunder. Now that these screenings have begun, a complete description of the premiere is available, and it’s funny.

The famous Marvel Studios fanfare is updated this time with a sped-up version that is broken by Baby Groot peeking into the camera to begin the short, which takes place aboard the Guardians of the Galaxy’s spacecraft, the Benatar.

Throughout the film, Groot collects materials to create his own work of art onboard the ship.

Shreds of an Alf comic book, pieces of Rocket Raccoon’s tail hair that Groot cuts off himself with small scissors, and an important-looking piece of technology taken from inside the ship are among the initial supplies. His next acquisition is a bar of soap, which the talking tree grabs from a shower when Drax is using it, before riding about the ship on it.

Groot gathers all of the materials required to put them together, utilizing the comic as a canvas. To do his task, the adorable little Guardian utilized the flame from one of Star-jetpack Lord’s boots.

After that, Groot elected to blast a hole in the ship’s interior, which he tried to fix with tape. All of this leads to an unexpected appearance by Bradley Cooper’s Rocket Raccoon, who arrives to check on the explosion.

Rocket is first enraged by his childish companion, until Groot presents his handcrafted painting of all the Guardians together, which he vows to display on top of the fridge for everyone to see.

The tree skids away on his bar of soap just as Rocket discovers Groot has used his tail hair, and the raccoon is pulled through the ship’s hole, bringing the short to an end.

The short film is shot in a live-action format, with Rocket and Groot appearing exactly as they did in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but since they are CGI characters, any real shooting should have been limited.

I Am Groot is a lot of fun.

I Am Groot seems to be a delightful new addition to the MCU based only on “Magnum Opus,” but it may not be for everyone. Those expecting for true character, plot, action, and importance will surely be disappointed, but those wanting for a fun journey with Groot and a few chuckles along the way will find enough of entertainment here.

There has recently been discussion on whether I Am Groot would eventually prove to be canon to the MCU, with James Gunn stating that it may not be. In any case, canon will be irrelevant here, since the emphasis will be on presenting a cheery narrative during the Baby Groot years that will perhaps elicit a few giggles along the way.

Several of the Guardians are mentioned in the first episode, but only Rocket has a complete on-screen appearance with conversation, given by Bradley Cooper. Because Rocket is the only other digital Guardian who does not need shooting to bring to life, things are likely to stay this way for the length of the series.

The series of five Disney+ videos has promised “many new and strange characters,” so who knows what Marvel icons may materialize by the time the project concludes. However, instead of waiting for Adam Warlock or any other set-up for the Guardians’ future, fans should base their hopes on minor characters.

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