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The She-Hulk Audition Tape Reveals a Surprising Marvel Mutant’s Debut


While fans await the official debut of the X-Men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, another of Marvel’s mutants, She-Hulk, appears to be going to the small screen. With various cameos and guest actors apparently expected to appear, as well as breaking the fourth wall for hilarious effect, the Disney+ series starring Tatiana Maslany will continue Marvel Studios’ habit of making each of its original programs unique. One of those cameos, who also happens to be a mutant in the Marvel Universe, could be spoiled by the discovery of an audition tape for She-Hulk. 

The Cosmic Circus discovered an audition tape that actor Tom Archdeacon had posted online. The video has since been removed off the internet, but it appears to have been an audition for a “Marvel Villain.” The project’s name was not revealed, but the audio and language indicate that it is for She-Hulk. In a conversation with two female lawyers about his forthcoming divorce, the character Archdeacon mentions his immortality, an alias of “Doctor Revive,” and his real name of Ryan Smith. Doctor Revive will murder himself and resurrect as a “new man” in order to avoid confrontation while ending romantic relationships. He will then be able to leave his prior relationship for a new one. 

One of the irritated lawyers was overheard stating, “Do you think this woman with a law degree doesn’t know what immortal means?” The following dialogue was spoken at the conclusion of the conversation: “Is it true that you’re terrified of confrontation?! What do you mean? “enquired a female lawyer. Doctor Revive says, “Come on, I-I thought lawyers weren’t meant to be judgmental.” “Obviously, relationships can be difficult,” the female lawyer counters, “but there is also basic respect!” 

Although Archdeacon’s character’s identity isn’t revealed, all indications point to it being the mutant Mister Immortal, who possesses the mutant power of resurrection. Mister Immortal debuted in 1989’s West Coast Avengers #46, created by famed comic book creator John Byrne. He was also the Great Lakes Avengers’ leader.

Mister Immortal, played by Derek Theler, was set to appear in Freeform’s live-action series New Warriors. Sadly, the show was canceled after failing to find a new home on another network. That didn’t stop Kevin Biegel, the show’s creator, from posting New Warriors behind-the-scenes videos and photographs, which featured Milana Vayntrub as Doreen Green / Squirrel Girl. 

She-release Hulk’s date has been teased by Disney CEO Bob Chapek, who says it would come after Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel. Because Moon Knight will be released at the end of March, Ms. Marvel will be released in the summer, followed by She-Hulk in the fall. 

What are your opinions on the possibility of Mister Immortal appearing in She-Hulk? Let us know in the comments section!

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