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There is a rumor that Marvel’s She-Hulk may have problems

There is a rumor that Marvel’s She-Hulk may have problems making. 

Jeff Sneider, who works for Collider, says that Marvel’s She-Hulk may be having production problems when it comes out in the fall. Though, could it be? 

Moon Knight is already on Disney Plus, and Ms. Marvel will be on the Walt Disney streaming service on June 8. All eyes are now on Marvel’s She-Hulk, which dropped a teaser in November 2021. 

If that’s the case, though, Tatiana Maslany might not be able to keep her job as the show’s main character. 

Is the production of She-Hulk going bad, or what? 

Collider and Variety’s Jeff Sneider has said that there could be problems with creative differences behind-the-scenes in the post-production process. The Hot Mic with Jeff and John is on YouTube (H/T: The Direct). 

Sneider has said that not only has he heard that the series isn’t going to be very good from two unnamed sources, but he has heard this before, too. It was said: 

Not good things have been going on behind the scenes. Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, Secret Invasion, or any of these other projects? “She-Hulk is the one that could be a problem,” they always say when I ask. 

There are people who work on it and say, “We’ll see.” As for Marvel things, I think it’s true that a lot of them could be “Ugh. This could be really dumb like we’ll see.” 

“I’m sure the people who made Guardians of the Galaxy felt the same way, right? And most of the time, Marvel pulls it out of the hat. It will happen at some point, but that’s just the way movies are made, and the way numbers work. Before I go on, I want to make sure that this isn’t just a rumor because there isn’t anything to back up the sources. He is also a very well-known reporter for genre films. Sneider started out at Ain’t It Cool News and has written for other publications, like The Wrap and Mashable. 

This is about She-Hulk. 

When it comes to what Sneider said, She-Hulk is the kind of DC character like The Flash or Green Lantern that always wanted to be made into a live-action movie, but wasn’t given the chance until recently. So, to be clear, it could be that Marvel’s executives and producers are afraid of having another Loki or Netflix’s Iron Fist on their hands. 

Having worked in the film and TV industry for a while, this person can say that both high-end TV and film productions are edited more than once between development and post-production. The moment a TV show is ordered to go straight to series and the cameras start rolling is the most important. The writer’s room for She-Hulk closed back in May 2020, but that doesn’t mean the scripts are done. 

You should wait until the movie’s official trailer comes out to see if there’s anything that no other media outlet has talked about, because that’s when you can be sure that the movie is going to be good.

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