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Thor: Love and Thunder Makes MCU History With Naughty Rating

Thor: Love and Thunder will be a romantic comedy adventure set in space, hence its rating is likely to be PG-13. When the film’s official trailer debuted, it showed a half naked Chris Hemsworth when Russell Crowe’s Zeus flicked his fingers to threaten the God of Thunder.

The excitement for fans didn’t end there, as the IMAX teaser for Love and Thunder revealed a more detailed look at Hemsworth’s strong and topless torso. As a consequence, fans have been speculating if the blurred-out portion of the MCU veteran’s rear would be completely exposed in the film’s final edit.

Thor Love and Thunder Muscles Marvel

The official rating for the sequel may have offered an indication as to how much nudity would be in the film.

The Naughty Rating for Thor 4 has been revealed.

The MPAA has officially confirmed the rating for filmmaker Taika Waititi’s Thor: Love and Thunder through Screen Connections.

The sequel, starring Chris Hemsworth, has been classified PG-13 for “strong scenes of sci-fi violence and action, profanity, some suggestive content, and partial nudity.”

This is the first time an MCU project has been graded as such owing to partial nudity. According to the teaser, Hemsworth’s blurred-out posterior might be the blame for such a grade.

Chris Hemsworth as Thor Marvel Studios

Thor 4 Makes ‘Naughty’ MCU History

All MCU films are rated PG-13 for a number of reasons, including “intense scenes of action and violence,” “some profanity,” and even “brief sexuality.” Even yet, Thor: Love and Thunder is already creating MCU history owing to a particular reason for its classification, which is the partial nudity component.

It is uncertain whether the trailer’s funny (and now legendary) moment between Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and Russell Crowe’s Zeus would be significantly adjusted as a result of this official classification, maybe deleting the blurred-out section of the former’s rear.

A similar incident occurred during Thor: Ragnarok when the buttocks of Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk were momentarily shown on-screen, but the film’s classification did not contain any mention of partial nudity in its synopsis. It’s likely that the ranking only relates to humans and not hulked-out creatures.

Meanwhile, Eternals contained the MCU’s first sex scene, but film still kept its PG-13 classification since the sequence did not involve any nudity.

At this moment, it’s unclear if further nudity-involved sequences will be included in the final edit, further supporting the film’s PG-13 rating.

Thor: Love and Thunder will hit cinemas on July 8.

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