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Thor: Love and Thunder Trailer: 11 Easter Eggs & Details You Might Have Missed 

In Phase 4, Marvel Studios continues to create history. Thor: Love and Thunder is the first solo brand to earn a fourth episode, after the first filmmaker to lead a complete trilogy and the first origin tale on Disney+. Taika Waititi reunites with Chris Hemsworth in this post-Avengers: Endgame adventure that follows the God of Thunder’s journey to redemption. 

Thor’s training montage as he changes from “dad bod” to “god bod” was included in the highly-anticipated teaser trailer, which depicted his redemption journey. Beyond that, fans got their first look at Natalie Portman’s Mighty Thor, the actress’s first Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in in a decade. 

Despite everything else in the teaser, one major figure was conspicuously absent: Christian Bale’s Gorr the God-Butcher. Fans were expecting this trailer to “blow your mind” after Hemsworth himself promised it would “blow your mind.” 

The official trailer elicited overwhelmingly enthusiastic comments, but thankfully for those waiting until July 8, the new Thor 4 video reveals far more than what’s on the surface. Without further ado, here are 11 new Thor: Love and Thunder trailer Easter eggs, secret meanings, and story tidbits. 

The Campfire Story of Korg Thor:

The second Thor: Love and Thunder teaser begins with Taika Waititi’s Korg telling the titular character a campfire tale. This takes place on the same planet where the God of Thunder has retired, as shown by the same tree in the backdrop. 

While this scene occurs at the beginning of the trailer, the context might put it around the end of the film. Korg might be updating his audience on the “500 times” Thor has rescued the world in the past, or he could be telling the story of his inactive Asgardian pal. 

That, or this may be a posthumous memorial to the original Avenger. Given that this is Hemsworth’s fourth solo Thor film and his ninth appearance in the MCU overall, Love and Thunder might very well be his swan song. If the Mighty One follows in his father’s footsteps and vanishes into the stars, this “Story of the Space Viking” might serve as a memorial. 

Tourist Attractions in New Asgard 

Thor:After Surtur destroyed their home world and Thanos massacred half of their people, the surviving Asgardians sought sanctuary in Norway, claiming a parcel of land for themselves. New Asgard, first seen in the first act of Avengers: Endgame, remade the previously royal empire as a fishing colony, with the Asgardians trading in their golden gowns for neon rain coats. 

The Blip not only restored the lost half of its people, but it also gave the nation a makeover. New Asgard has been transformed into a tourist destination, replete with cruise ships moored and a golf course. 

The new aesthetic of New Asgard, as seen by goods, will play a significant role in the fourquel, even though the bulk of the adventure takes place off-world. However, the nation is not immune to high-octane activity. 

Battle in New Asgard 

Thor:The unveiling of Natalie Portman’s hero fighting side by side with her old sweetheart is pushed to the opening of the film. When the Mjolnir-wielder appears, Hemsworth’s Thor is likewise perplexed, exclaiming, “Jane?!” 

This combat looks to be taking place inside New Asgard itself, based on backdrop “stay clear” and “the bla-” writing on buildings. The formidable team is facing Gorr’s Black Berserkers, implying that the God-Butcher will first make his presence known on Earth before moving on to other terrestrial creatures. 

Aside from that, this sequence establishes Jane’s presence on-world at the start of Love and Thunder. Given that Thor begins with the Guardians of the Galaxy in space, Foster’s Mighty Thor may have some crime-fighting experience by the time her ex-boyfriend returns. 

This brawl also has some strange trailer gimmickry. 

Thor’s Helmet Makes a Comeback Thor:

Most of her battle-ready appearances include Mighty Thor wearing her helmet, although Thor himself appears in one scene. The God of Thunder wears a new winged helmet that hides his face, as opposed to the one he briefly wore in 2011’s Thor and the Sakaar war gear he donned in 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok. 

If this single view of Thor’s winged helmet seems out of place, that’s because it is. Thor is dressed in his sleeveless, fur-coated shoulder pad garment as he first reaches for Mjolnir. Thor’s response shot features the winged helmet as well as the red and gold sleeved costume as the hammer returns to Jane’s hand. 

This might be due to Thor updating his armor in the middle of a fight, as he is known to do, or a suit swap-out expressly for the film, similar to Cap’s Nomad costume in the Avengers: Endgame official trailer. 

How long has it been since? Thor:

Thor doesn’t waste any time in stating unequivocally that he is still thinking about Jane. Despite the fact that Natalie Portman has not appeared in a new Marvel film since 2013’s Thor: The Dark World, Jane Foster has been mentioned in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Thor: Ragnarok, and Avengers: Endgame. 

What happened to Jane in the meanwhile is unknown. Did she pursue her scientific studies further? How has her relationship with SHIELD changed since Captain America: The Winter Soldier? Was she a casualty of Thanos’ snap? 

That final question was heavily hinted at in a single line of discourse. Jane inquires if it has been “three years” since she last saw Thor, to which the Stormbreaker-wielding hero responds that it has been eight years and change. Despite the fact that it has been at least a canonical decade since The Dark World, Jane was wrong by five years, and the precise length of time that transpired between the Snap and the Blip suggests she may have been reduced to atoms during Avengers: Infinity War. 

Gorr! Gorr! Gorr! Thor, Love, and Thunder, Gorr the God Butcher Thor:

Christian Bale’s first comic book film role since 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises sees him forego the batarangs and cowl in favor of the Venom-related necrosword and white cloak. Gorr the God-Butcher is the furious adversary focused on slaying deities across the universe. 

This trailer has multiple money shots of the pale white villain, including frames of his face before assuming his goal statement of “all gods must perish.” This suggests that Love and Thunder will also function as a Gorr origin narrative, which, if faithful to the comics, will be tragic. 

Mjolnir’s Enhancements Thor:

Thor’s original weapon has returned, this time in Jane Foster’s hands. This is the same Mjolnir that Hela destroyed in Thor: Ragnarok, as seen by the damaged hammer head in the first teaser. 

Mjolnir, on the other hand, has not been fully repaired. 

Jane throws the hammer at an assortment of Olympians during an action scenario on Olympus. Mjolnir re-shatters, each part killing a different opponent before coming back together in Jane’s hands. 

Please step aside, Jackson, Percy Thor:

Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie may be seen carrying Zeus’ legendary lightning bolt during a one-on-one battle with Gorr. Given how protective the Greek God of Thunder is about his property, it’s doubtful that Valkyrie received this renowned weapon. 

Bringing Zeus and the Olympians into the fold with an enemy championed as a “god butcher” never boded well for their futures. If Gorr discovers Olympus, things will not end well for the Greek Gods. 

A divided house cannot stand. Thor:

Despite being greeted with warm arms into Olympus, things rapidly turn nasty against Thor. In a blue robe, the Asgardian battles Olympians before being shackled by Zeus’ lightning chains. Strangely, Jane and Valkyrie stand amid the throng, pleased by their friend’s misery, similar to Loki on Sakaar in Thor: Ragnarok. 

Jane will eventually come to her ex’s rescue, as shown by the aforementioned Mjolnir enhancements, but why she waits until the going gets bad remains a mystery. 

Thor and company’s expedition to Olympus is likely to serve as a warning to their fellow gods about the impending fight. Zeus may take offense and embarrass his Norse counterpart, which would explain Thor’s appearance in a birthday suit at the conclusion of the film. 

What a fourth phase for the Living Tribunal! Thor:

Following Easter egg-sized appearances in Loki, What If…?, and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the three-headed enigmatic god makes its fourth blink-and-miss-it appearance in the last calendar year. 

The Living Tribunal is one of many notable sculptures in this chamber. Uatu the Watcher and Mistress Death are also seen around Jane Foster. 

Fans will remember Uatu from What If…? as the all-powerful observer of the Multiverse, while comic fans will recognize Mistress Death as the trigger for the print edition of Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet. Thanos pursues the Infinity Stones is order to “court Death,” his love interest. 

Are You Not Interested? Thor:

In this trailer’s tag, Russell Crowe’s Zeus makes his complete appearance. Surrounded by ladies, Zeus “flicks” too forcefully, ripping Thor’s draperies from his body. 

This Zeus mimics the campy mood of the Olympians in Marvel Comics, much to how Richard E. Grant portrays Classic Loki in the Loki Disney+ series. While his bolt in Valkyrie’s hands earlier in the clip does not speak well for his destiny, let’s hope he has a demi-god kid somewhere in Olympus. 

Thor: Love and Thunder will be released in cinemas on July 8.

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