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Times Marvel Movies Have Influenced Marvel Comics 

In most cases, it is the opposite way around. Marvel comics inspire and shape Marvel films. However, this is not always the case. It turns out that it is a two-way street. Sometimes Marvel Movies become so successful that they alter Marvel Comics. Some of these modifications make sense. The rest of them don’t always follow through. It’s not uncommon for Hollywood to dabble in the world of comic books. However, the film industry influencing such a narrow market as Marvel Comics seems intriguing. These alterations are now permanent in comic books. Fans have ceased complaining, so get in line if you find yourself raising your eyebrows. We’re all (were) irritated. 

X-Men (2000) compelled Marvel Comics to adopt all-black outfits with yellow accents. 

Until 1999, the bulk of X-Men comics depicted the different X-Men in brightly colored clothing. Wolverine was dressed in yellow spandex. Rogue was dressed in her typical green and yellow outfit. Even Cyclops wore blue overalls with a yellow outfit. Every X-Man had a distinct outfit that suited him or her. 

Then came the X-Men feature from Fox in 2000. The X-men were given uniforms in the film, which was not uncommon in comic books. But it was the fact that the film popularized the jet-black X-men outfits that inspired Frank Quitely and Grant Morrison to launch their New X-Men series. The comics began to mimic the X-Men movie outfits. 

Blade’s Origin Story in Comics Has Been Completely Revised (1998) 

Blade began as a somewhat unknown figure. His genesis tale was also nothing to brag about. Blade was still in his mother’s womb when his mother was slain by a vampire after delivery. Blade has extraordinary lifespan as well as immunity to vampire bites. He still utilized silver swords to slay vampires and grew so skilled at it that he was dubbed “Blade.” Originally, he was simply an ordinary human being. 

When Blade was released in 1998, it gave Wesley Snipes’ character a whole new set of abilities. He had become half-human, half-vampire. He had all of their abilities but none of their flaws. The film was so successful that in Marvel Team-Up #7 in 1998, Blade gets bitten by Morbius, earning his distinctive daywalking abilities. 

The Chitauri were transformed from cunning shapeshifters to Thanos’ pawns in Avengers (2012). 

 Many people are unaware that the Chitauri have been around for a long time in comic books. They debuted in Ultimates #8. Their initial strategy included altering their form and speech to that of the human individual they ate and then infiltrating the government. They were similar to Skrulls in many aspects. During World War II, they attempted but failed to conquer Earth. The Chitauri’s ultimate purpose was to destroy all free choice in the cosmos. 

In 2012, we finally get to witness the Chitauri in a live-action film. The distinction is that they aren’t the same people they were in the comics. The Chitauri were an extraterrestrial army led by Thanos. Even their look differs from that of the comics. During the 2013 issue of Nova #4, Marvel attempted to introduce the version of Chitauri from Marvel Movies. 

Nick Fury’s Origin Story Was Improved in Iron Man 2. 

Nick Fury’s first appearance as a white Caucasian was in 1963. He was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and was an immediate success. Nick Fury would head Marvel’s greatest secret group, the Howling Commandos, and rescue the world several times. The Ultimate Marvel Universe was completely revamped. 

Many years before the same incarnation of Nick Fury arrived in the MCU, a new Nick Fury was introduced in 2001. Before the movie made him famous, an African-American Nick Fury fashioned like Samuel L Jackson had a comic book presence. Marcus Johnson’s origin story was retold in Marvel comics in 2012. Johnson finds he is the original Nick Fury’s son. After losing an eye and joining SHIELD, Nicholas Fury Jr. took over as the agency’s director, succeeding Nick Fury Sr. 

The Maximoffs are transformed from mutant freaks to lab guinea pigs in Age of Ultron. 

The brother-sister team first appeared in Marvel comics in 1964. That was five decades ago, five decades before the Maximoff brothers made their live-action debut in the MCU. Originally, they were mutants, Magneto’s progeny, who allied with a variety of teams, including the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. 

Wanda and Pietro are laboratory freaks developed after testing the Mind Stone on their bodies in Age of Ultron. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are revealed to be experiments in 2015’s Uncanny Avengers #4. But it was the High Evolutionary, not Hydra, who bestowed their abilities on them.

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