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What Chris Evans Misses Most About Being Captain America

Chris Evans, the hero of Disney Pixar’s Lightyear, has begun to re-enter the public limelight as a result of the film. As one might anticipate, in doing so, the question of Steve Rogers has come back up. After all, it’s the actor’s go-to topic whenever he appears in an interview. But it’s difficult to blame anyone—fans want to know how he feels about the character today, and what’s transpired while he’s been gone.

During one of those press interactions, the actor remarked on Anthony Mackie taking up his role for the first time since it occurred back in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s Disney+ finale. Evans said that “no one better to do it” and that “[he] can’t wait to see what they do with [him] in the future.”

But does the actor miss his red, white, and blue uniform? Even though he seemed to be OK with having dropped some weight since quitting the role, he has made an effort to express how much he appreciated his time as a founding member of the Avengers.

So, what element of the overall event does he miss the most?

Chris Evans overlooks the Man With a Plan.

Marvel: Captain America

Captain America actor Chris Evans discussed what he misses about portraying the legendary hero for 10 years in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in an interview with Yahoo Entertainment.

Evans noted that he “truly, really miss(es)” portraying Captain America and that “the people” he worked with to create his nine MCU appearances (cast members, directors, and Marvel creatives) are what he misses the most about being Captain America:

“It’s different, you know. It’s distinct. For 10 years, there was always a movie around the corner. For 10 years… you complete one and your life is planned by, ‘Okay, six months, we have press.’ We start work on the next film in six months.’ To sort of have open seas, there are aspects that are pleasant and parts that I really, truly miss because it was a job that meant a lot to me. And I adore those individuals, and it will, without a doubt, be the finest 10 years of my professional life.”
Evans previously said in an interview with Yahoo Sports UK in 2018 that “[he’ll miss] everything [about Captain America]:”

“Well, you know, my contract is ended, so that’s as far as I know,” Evans remarked of speculations that he’ll be leaving the role of the First Avenger shortly.

“Everything [about Captain America] will be missed by me,” he remarked. “I mean, it’s not only the role, it’s the people – the experience, such terrific movies, such beautiful memories. I’ll miss you terribly.”
Although talking with Backstage in 2020, the actor confessed that while he may regret his time as the star-spangled guy with a plan, “there’s no denying that it is really exciting to simply have total flexibility to explore whatever [his] creative hunger wants:”

“I genuinely liked my time with Marvel; I already regret it… but there’s no denying that having unlimited flexibility to explore anything my creative hunger desires is tremendously thrilling.”
So, is Evans due for a comeback?
Thankfully, in other recent interviews, Chris Evans mentioned how he is open for returning in the future, as “[it] appears to be something people would want to see,” but that doing so “would be a large order… [and it] would have to be great.” The same feeling can be taken from his enthusiastic statements as shown above—it was definitely a terrific experience for him, so one would expect that if the conditions aligned, he’d surely return.

For the last three years, the character has been missing from the MCU. Because to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, audiences throughout the globe have a new Captain America: Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson.

Some may argue that bringing back Steve Rogers now would jeopardize Sam’s big moment, and this concern may be legitimate if handled poorly. But it may also work—after all, there are several Spider-Men in the comics.

While there are rumours that Evans may return at some time, there are no specifics to go along with it. It seems that Marvel Studios is not in a hurry to recast the actor.

Because Marvel Studios is likely to be concerned about Steve Rogers’ comeback taking away from Sam, fans should not expect to see him in the future Captain America 4. It may be preferable to keep Anthony Mackie in the limelight for a bit longer.

So, what other possibilities are there? There’s also the Russo Brothers’ long-rumored Secret Wars project, which might be the next Avengers picture. The idea alone, a jumbled universe of different realities, enables the creators to do absolutely whatever they want without jeopardizing the tale or history of any characters. This seems to be an excellent location for Evans to reclaim the shield.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is now available on Disney+, and Captain America 4 has no set release date.

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