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Why Taika Waititi Enjoys Harassing Marvel Fans

Taika Waititi, the filmmaker of Thor: Love and Thunder, is a weird, youthful, and joyful person. His films are extraordinary, having a distinct style that only he can achieve. With such characteristics, the MCU director may be highly amusing and spontaneous. In a prior interview, he claimed that he lied to Marvel to gain his position on Ragnarok, admitting that he “[said] yes to everything” and that “you’ve got to fake it.”

Chris Pratt, actor of Guardians of the Galaxy, has publicly said that the Love and Thunder filmmaker is a “madman” and a “genius.” Waititi is clearly doing something right, for director was able to not only get Natalie Portman back into her role, but also Christian Bale to join the MCU bandwagon.

The writer and director earlier said that the concept “[felt] sort of cringey… on paper” but ended up being “cooler than the stuff I was initially trying to produce.”

Waititi highlighted one of his favorite activities as one of the individuals responsible for Thor’s MCU legacy in a recent interview: teasing the fans.

So, what motivates Taika Waititi to troll?


Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waitita discussed how he enjoys mocking Marvel fans and the unique perspective on Loki he’d want to adopt in a conversation with Stephen Colbert on The Late Night Show.

When asked whether he ever listens to fan theories, Waititi said, “I like[s] to listen to the fans and then troll the fans back a little, because it offers [him] some kind of joy:”

“I like to listen to the fans and then troll them back a little bit because it makes me happy.” I don’t have many happy memories. I have children and trolling fans. But I appreciate where they say— When I did Ragnarok, a few people didn’t know what I did, what I had done previously. And they’d say, ‘He’s going to destroy Thor,’ and I’d respond, ‘Oh, I’m going to wreck it just fine.’ Completely. I’m going to sabotage it for you.’ ‘You don’t know what you want until I give it to you,’ I’d remark. I know, I know, it’s impolite, impolite. But it is correct.”

In terms of how much nude Hemsworth spectators would be able to see, the director said that “in the film, it’s not pixelated.” You got your money’s worth from Hemsworth. The complete worthiness.”

When Colbert asks sarcastically whether there is a front shot or if spectators will see Mjolnir, Waititi responds, “Maybe in IMAX… I’m not sure, maybe in IMAX… No.”

Waititi then drew attention to how, in legend, “[Loki] transformed himself into a female horse… [and] had intercourse with… a snake before becoming pregnant:”

“You probably all adore Loki… but in legend, Loki once transformed himself into a female horse, had sex with, like, a snake, and then became pregnant.” Then she gave birth to an eight-legged horse… why wasn’t it in Avengers?”
He then joked that “[they] are going to start a petition:”

“We plan to launch a petition.” We’d like to see Tom Hiddleston pregnant with a horse… and we have a hoof. ‘And we’ve got another hoof!'”

Trolling the Marvel Community

Taika Waititi’s vibrant spirit effectively salvaged the whole Thor series and breathed new life into Chris Hemsworth’s weary God of Thunder. The MCU would be a different place without him.

That being considered, it makes perfect sense to discover how the filmmaker enjoys trolls. In general, he does it in interviews across the board—just look at the aforementioned Hiddleston-horse tale for evidence.

Most people are eager to see whether Thor: Love and Thunder will live up to the enormous anticipation. The filmmaker is certain about it, claiming Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher is “arguably the finest villain that Marvel’s ever had.”

Hopefully, Natalie Portman’s comeback will get the same degree of acclaim. Waititi, after all, got a tattoo of “JANE” on his fingers—something he probably wouldn’t do if he didn’t like what he was doing.

Thor: Love and Thunder will be released in cinemas on July 8.

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