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Among the things that Reddit users want to see in Season 4 of Stranger Things:

People have been going to Reddit to talk about what they want for season 4, because they’re so excited for each new trailer, tweet, and coded message. 

People have been going to Reddit to talk about what they want for season 4, because they’re so excited for each new trailer, tweet, and coded message. 

Three years ago, fans of the A.V. club were able to watch their favorite kids fight supernatural monsters against a background of synthwave music from the 1980s. There will be an epic two-volume penultimate fourth season of Stranger Things on TV in 2022. It will come out on May 27th and July 1st. 

Stranger Things has something for everyone, whether they like 80s movies, dungeon divers, childhood fights, or the mystery of the Upside Down. People have been going to Reddit to talk about what they want to see in season 4, so they’ve been sharing their ideas. 

Reunion: El and Hopper’s 


On a walk through the forest, we saw Hopper and El together. Season three of Stranger Things left fans with a lot to think about. When El reads a speech from Hopper, he says, “For the sake of your poor old dad, keep the door open three inches.” It’s a bittersweet moment, but it could have been a great way to end that relationship. Stranger Things, on the other hand, likes fake deaths. 

Thank you, ZombieColor, for the three-inch window “As a person, I can’t wait to see Hopper and Eleven together again! (if there is one this season lol). If I cry, you can bet I’ll cry my eyes out.” Then Sarahcrunch1 wants to see “El get her powers back and how she meets Hopper so bad!” 

A New Bad Guy 

In Stranger Things, there is no doubt that there are some of the most bad guys, whether they are humans or monsters. When there is a new season, Hawkins grows even more and the Upside Down gets even more scary. Season 4 is another chance for the show’s villains to go even further. This is often because the show is based on Dungeons and Dragons. Redditors think the party will run into a Vecna this time because of the title of the episode. 

It’s clear to Maximum Ant 8325 that this is what it is “It will be a big one. It will be more exciting and game-changing than we think.” Using D&D knowledge, Foreign Tourist8309 says that a Vecna is a wizard who became a lich, a person who can use magic to fight death itself. “The season should end with defeat, the Vecna or whoever else is victorious” over the party, says Maximum Ant 8325. This sends them into an epic final season. 

The California Plot is the name of the plot. 

El and the Byers family move out of their house after Season 3. They drive to the Golden State. Joyce and her family need a new start, and California is the best place for them to start over. From the trailers, it looks like their new home won’t be peaceful for very long at all. 

A lot of fans are excited to see “the Byers getting more screen time together as a family.” She hopes for “sweet Byers/El moments” now that she’s a part of that family, and wants to see them together. El, who doesn’t have a mother, is in need of a loving maternal figure. ZombieColor can’t wait for “some Joyce/Eleven mom/daughter times.” 

Dr. Brenner will be back soon after he was away. 

In this case, Matthew Modine is the person who wrote this Papa Brenner is a doctor who works at a hospital. Stranger things happen. Because of the first season of Stranger Things, “Papa” has haunted El ever since. Whether it is through memories or flashbacks, or hallucinations, he is always there. He was thought to be dead because of the Demogorgon in season 1. Some Redditors think it’s not over yet. 

I want to find out if Dr. Brenner is still alive, and rsxiuu wants to see “Brenner return,” says Sarahcrutch1. Whether or not Dr. Brenner is alive or dead, he is sure to show up in flashbacks of Hawkins Lab with El and her other test-subject siblings. 

During El’s search for himself, 

For the first time in a long time, El can go to school in California like any other kid. Season 4 is a great time for her to grow as a person, away from Mike, Hopper, and Hawkins Lab. She has been through a lot. 

People on Reddit say they’re excited for her to finally be able to question herself and where she came from, as well as watch her “discover a lot of things about herself this season.” When Michael-Balchaitis says “her story is the most interesting,” he means that Eleven is one of the bravest people in Stranger Things. 

A sibling’s content 

People who watch Stranger Things love how the show shows how the characters have different types of relationships with each other. Each set of siblings has a different idea of what it means to be a brother or sister through things like bickering, fighting, or working together. 

A fan of the show says that she can’t wait to see what Lucas and Erica do together. “Maybe funny banter but also heartfelt scenes,” she says. Even though there are many pairs, Season 4 can use Will and El’s relationship as if they were siblings after they were adopted by the Byers family. _DaughterOfHades_ thinks it would be “cool” to see more Will and El content, maybe with them fighting together. 

Emotional screen time for the most 

This season, Max has been through a lot. He is the Dig Dug champion, skateboards, and gives advice on boys. Billy abused Max first, and then Max lost him all together. It’s time for Max to think about what has happened. 

It says GayandEuropean1 hopes the “Dear Billy” episode will give Max “some Max emotion/character development/screen time,” but he doesn’t think it will happen. Max is a favorite of ZombieColor, who says, “Max is one of my favorites and I’m looking forward to that episode too and for her character development.” Based on the episode titles, “Dear Billy” is the perfect time to get more into Max’s character. 

This is another Nancy & Jonathan Mystery. 

Hardy Boy and Nancy Drew live in Hawkins. They are a great team when it comes to solving a crime. Fans want more from this couple, even though they live far apart. The show will most likely put them back together again, even though it will be a long time before that happens. 

Fans like Sarahcrutch1 want another “Nancy and Jonathan adventure (I love them sleuthing together)” from season 4. It doesn’t matter who the villain is or how much stress they’re under. Nancy and Jonathan always look for clues when they can. 

He is Steve Harrington, and this is what he said 

It’s the show’s “redemption arc,” and fans love Steve Harrington no matter what kind of job he does. A new mystery came up that made Steve want to get back into the game. It was one of Redditor’s favorite scenes in Stranger Things for them to be together in season 3. 

From the trailers, it looks like season 4 will have Steve and Dustin back together for more fights and advice for women, no doubt. Redditor _DaughterOfHades_ says she can’t wait to see how the Hawkins crew works together as Steve tries to get the forces under his control in the next episode. Fans love Ivanisntbroken, who says “S T E V E,” which means “S T E V E.” 

A member of the party who has died 

Season 4 of Stranger Things The characters on the Creel House Location Poster Characters have died on Stranger Things, whether they were real or not. Some fans think there should be another one. While it’s still only two seasons away from its climax, the show will start to move quickly toward it. Some think season 4 should be the end of all hope for the show. 

In Reddit, people like _Maximum Ant 8325 write out what they think in a way that makes it clear “For season 5, the characters are left devastated. They will make their last stand in that season. Oh my God, this is going to be so great!” A lot of fans think that “one or more of our beloved characters might die, which would lead to an explosive, non-stop final season,” as godom514 puts it. It will be up to time, and the clock in Creel House, to find out.


Sigourney Weaver is coming back for Avatar 2 CRAZY!

In the first Avatar, Weaver’s scientist character died, but now she’s back as the protagonists’ adopted Na’vi daughter.

We were all surprised when we heard about 17 billion years ago that Sigourney Weaver would be back for James Cameron’s Avatar sequels (even more so than with the idea of there being multiple Avatar sequels). But now that we know how Weaver is going to come back, we’re even more confused.


Empire magazine has said that Weaver will play a completely different character in Avatar: The Way of Water. In the first movie, she played Dr. Grace Augustine, the creator of the Human-Na’vi switcheroo Avatar Program, who died at the end. And no, it’s not a human. It’s Jake and Neytiri’s daughter, who is about to turn 16.

Weaver will play Kiri, Jake and Neytiri’s adopted daughter. It looks like we’ll meet a lot of Jake and Neytiri’s family in The Way of Water. Weaver told Empire what it was like to play a digitized blue teenager, “I think we all pretty much remember how we felt when we were that age.” “Oh, yes, I do. When I was 11, I was 5’10” or 5’11” tall. I was sure Kiri would feel uncomfortable a lot of the time. She wants to find out who she is. When Jim gave me that task, I was thrilled.

Now, adults play children all the time, especially in the world of voice acting, and at least one of the photos Empire released of Kiri makes it look like Weaver will also show up as Dr. Augustine again in some way, probably through old footage. But knowing that the Na’vi are mostly brought to life by fancy mocap rigs, it will be strange to see Weaver’s physical performance put on a teenager. Even though he is a blue alien teen with long arms and legs, he is still a teen.

The movie Avatar: The Way of Water will come out in December 2022.

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Disney will show new scenes from “Avatar: The Way of Water” 

Disney started its CineEurope presentation in Barcelona today with 12 minutes of footage from July’s Marvel fourquel Thor: Love and Thunder. Throughout the show, Disney showed trailers and looks at its other upcoming movies, including four never-before-seen scenes from James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water.

Before the Thor footage, Disney’s Head of Global Theatrical Distribution Tony Chambers talked about the importance of immersive storytelling and the studio’s “robust, diverse slate.” This was followed by about 60 minutes of footage that was introduced by EMEA Head of Theatrical Distribution Nick Rush and EMEA Head of Studio Marketing Lee Jury.

There were prerecorded messages from people like Marvel boss Kevin Feige, who said, “It feels like we’re just getting started, even after 14 years.” As he introduced the Love And Thunder scenes, Thor star Chris Hemsworth said he wished he was in Barcelona, where the sangria “always tastes better.”

Harrison Ford sent a video for Lucasfilm’s Indiana Jones 5, saying that it had been 13 years since the last movie and that it was “time to put on the fedora and crack the whip.”

We also saw parts of Haunted Mansion, Pixar’s Elemental and Strange World, and the ensemble Amsterdam, which was directed by David O. Russell for New Regency.

Sam Mendes sent a video about Empire Of Light by Searchlight. The director of 1917 said that after making that movie, he wrote this one during lockdown. He said it was a “extremely personal story” about music, movies, and finding love in strange places.

Rebecca Kearey, the international head of Searchlight, showed a trailer for See How They Run, which stars Sam Rockwell and Saoirse Ronan, and a teaser for The Banshees of Inisherin, which stars Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson, directed by Martin McDonagh. Searchlight also showed the first scene of Chevalier, which is about the son of an African slave and a French plantation owner who grows up to be a famous composer in France.

The next movie by Thor director Taika Waititi, Next Goal Wins, got an eight-minute sneak peek. The movie is about the American Samoa soccer team. In 2001, they lost to Australia 31-0, which was the worst loss in World Cup history. Michael Fassbender takes over as their new coach.

Disney’s show ended with a visit from Avatar producer Jon Landau, who flew from New Zealand to Barcelona to talk about the next movie in the series. He said that Avatar: The Way of Water was in the final stages of post-production and that it was important to be in Barcelona “to show our support for the exhibition community.”

Landau said that the strength of James Cameron’s scripts is that they have universal themes. “There is nothing more relatable than family,” he said before showing a message from Cameron.

Cameron from New Zealand said that the people working on Avatar were “pushing the limits even further… Every shot is made for the biggest screen and best resolution that can be achieved… I think this is what people want.” He also said, “Our business is not going away.”

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Sigourney Weaver Reveals Her Unconventional Role in ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’

Weaver will portray Jake and Neytiri’s adoptive child.

Many pondered what type of role Sigourney Weaver would have in the sequel to James Cameron’s Avatar after the death of her character, Dr. Grace Augustine, who was the leader of the Avatar Program in the previous film. Finally, in an Empire Magazine exclusive, Weaver shared insights about the role she will portray in Avatar: The Way of Water, as well as a new photograph from the film.

Weaver announced to Empire Magazine that she would play Kiri, the adoptive daughter of Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldaa), in the film. “I believe we all remember what we were experiencing as teens,” Weaver told Empire Magazine exclusively. “I most definitely do. When I was 11, I was 5′ 10″ or 5′ 11″. I had a strong feeling Kiri would be uncomfortable a lot of the time. She’s trying to figure out who she is. Jim’s assignment of that task excited me.”

A fresh picture, which adds to the character’s mystery, has also been unveiled, hinting at some type of link that Kiri would have with Grace. Kiri is seen inside a lab, staring at a monitor with a recording of Grace on it. Despite not being biologically connected to Jake and Neytiri, Kiri seems to have human traits that other Na’vi do not have, such as five digits and eyebrows, adding to the character’s mystery.

Empire exclusive

With an obvious link between the two, as well as both characters being performed by the same actor, viewers can only guess on how significant Kiri’s involvement will be in the plot. The character will also appear on a subscriber-exclusive cover of Empire Magazine, which depicts her swimming underwater appreciating Pandora’s aquatic life, as shown in the first teaser.

Weaver and Cameron will work together again for Avatar: The Way of Water, having previously played Ellen Ripley in Aliens and Grace in the first Avatar film. Along with Weaver, Stephen Lang will reprise his role as Colonel Miles Quaritch, the man responsible for Grace’s death, in the sequel. Quaritch, like Weaver’s character, perished in the first film, fueling curiosity regarding his participation in Avatar: The Way of Water. While the roles of both actors remain unknown, fan speculation may continue until the highly anticipated film is released later this year.

On December 16, Avatar: The Way of Water will be released exclusively in cinemas.

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