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Characters from The Witcher that have a lot of potential 

Many of the characters in The Witcher have the potential to become the series’ greatest or most powerful characters. 

Only the first two volumes of the series have been covered in the two seasons of Netflix’s The Witcher. Even those who haven’t read the books are aware that the plot is still in its infancy. The characters, as capable as they are, are still in their early stages of their professions. 


Regardless of their impact on their planet so far, several of the characters seem to have a lot of promise. As the novel progresses, they seem to be hell-bent on having a far greater influence on everyone around them. In addition, certain characters in The Witcher have the potential to become the strongest or most powerful. 

10 Yennefer has shown to be a formidable opponent.

At Sodden Hill the Witcher, Yennefer unleashes her havoc in flames. Yennefer is the oldest of The Witcher’s primary protagonists, although she seems to be preparing for great actions in the future. When she unleashes her full anarchy and kills practically all of Nilfgaard’s army in one single swoop at the conclusion of The Witcher’s first season, we get our first glimpse of her immense might. 

After being without her magic for the most of the second season, Yennefer seems to be poised to make a significant influence on the world now that she has it back. Furthermore, her relationships to Geralt and Ciri indicate that she will only grow in importance. 

9 Vilgefortz’s Ambitions Are Starting To Materialize 

In the Witcher, Vilgefortz speaks with Yennefer. Vilgefortz is a well-known name among book readers, yet he has played a minor part in The Witcher so far. He comes in the last episodes of the first season to lead a party of Mages against Nilfgaard, eventually being knocked out in the fight. In season two, he takes a more prominent role, aspiring to lead the Brotherhood on a political level. 

Even those who are unfamiliar with Vilgefortz from the novels can see that he is preparing for something, particularly now that Ciri’s Elder Blood has been revealed. With a reputation as the Hero of Sodden and clear goals in mind, he has the potential to do great things in the world of The Witcher. 

8 Jaskier Has Demonstrated His Ability To Grow 

Season 2 of Jaskier Burn Butcher Burn Performance When Jaskier reappears in The Witcher’s second season, he has matured significantly from the bumbling, foppish bard of the first. As a consequence of his grief at Geralt’s rejection, he’s evolved from a mere travelling bard to the Sandpiper, a person who assists Elves in escaping persecution. 

Season 2 also enabled Jaskier to develop himself as a separate character from Geralt. Season 2 demonstrated that he is competent in his own right. With his ties to Yennefer, Geralt, and Ciri sure to put him through further adversity, Jaskier seems to be ripe for development. 

7 Francesca Is Willing To Fight For Her Country

Francesca, the Witcher’s Elf Queen In The Witcher’s first season, the Elves have a small role, serving as direct antagonists to Geralt and Jaskier in one episode and having their struggle become part of Ciri’s tale. The Witcher’s second season, which briefly recounts their partnership with Nilfgaard and the birth and death of the first Elven child in a long time, expands on their role significantly. 

Francesca, the new queen of her people, has demonstrated that she is prepared to go to any length to protect the Elves’ survival. She seems to be a morally ambiguous opponent in later seasons, as one of several characters ready to make a move on Ciri for her Elder Blood. 

6 Greatness is inextricably linked to Geralt’s fate 

Season 1 Finale: Geralt Ciri Hug Geralt of Rivia fought the pull of fate and its efforts to create anything meaningful of his life for a long time. Initially content with just living as a Witcher, slaying monsters for a job, and making his way throughout the world, he tries to avoid having his destiny bound to anything. 

He eventually fails, and the Law of Surprise binds him to Ciri. Geralt’s destiny is bound to be entwined with hers as her protector, mentor, and adopted father. Geralt will have to ascend higher than ever before to keep Ciri safe now that she has become the most valuable person on the planet. 

Politically, 5 Foltest may have his chance to shine. 

In the Witcher, King Foltest arrives to Sodden Hill. In The Witcher, Foltest makes a less-than-impressive debut appearance. He’s the King of Temeria, and he lets a Striga butcher his people since she’s his incestuous daughter. At the conclusion of the first season, he makes his second appearance, arriving at Sodden with the troops of the Northern Kingdoms, too late to battle but still ready to protect the north. 

Foltest may still have a lot to accomplish, despite the fact that he hasn’t had much opportunity to show himself and doesn’t feature in The Witcher’s second season. He may be crucial for the continent’s affairs as a strong monarch hostile to Nilfgaard. He could retaliate if the Northern Kingdoms place a reward on Ciri and Geralt’s heads. 

4 Cahir’s Role H Been Expanded Already 

The Witcher netflix program shows Cahir leading Nilfgaardian warriors to the Battle of Sodden Hill. Fans of the novels will recognize Cahir, although his position in the series has been expanded, with him arriving far earlier in the tale than in the books. Initially a faithful commander of the Nilfgaardian armies assaulting the north, he passes through a series of trials over the course of two seasons. They culminate in his Emperor’s order for his arrest. 

Cahir is expected to continue to earn stories in The Witcher’s third season and beyond, given that he still has a lot of work to accomplish and has already established himself as a prominent character. He has the potential to develop into an even better player. 

3 Tissaia De Vries Seems To Be Extremely Important 

In the Witcher 3, Tissaia speaks with Yennefer about Sodden Hill. Tissaia de Vries is a minor character who appears in one book. Tissaia’s character has been greatly extended in The Witcher, both in terms of her involvement in Yennefer’s background and her present place in the story’s politics. 

Tissaia seems to have significantly greater importance in the show than in the novels, owing to her complicated connection with Yennefer (which may come to conflict with her political aspirations) and as an ally of Vilgefortz. It’s unclear where her plot will go, but it seems certain that it will have far-reaching consequences for others. 

2 Emhyr Exhibits All of the Characteristics of a Major Antagonist

The-Witcher-Emhyr In the first season, Emhyr plays Duny, Ciri’s father, in a tiny but pivotal role. The actual importance of Emhyr was eventually revealed in the second season. He is the Emperor of Nilfgaard, and he is the one in charge of the Empire’s religious invasion, all in the name of cultivating and seeking Elder Blood in Ciri. 

He is the head of one of The Witcher’s most important opposing groups and has blood links to one of the game’s primary protagonists. In future seasons, Emhyr seems to grow ever more vital, both to the universe as a whole and to the show’s key protagonists. 

Ciri is the most important character in the scene. 

In the Witcher Netflix series, Cirilla flees from Nilfgaard. Ciri’s prominence seems to begin with her status as Cintra’s princess and Geralt’s destiny-bound kid. As The Witcher progresses, it becomes evident that her blood (the immensely magical Elder Blood) is what distinguishes her. 

The Nilfgaardians are seeking Ciri at the end of Season 2, the Northern Realms have put a bounty on her head, and Geralt has a family link to her. The Elves also think she has the ability to revive their species, and the Wild Hunt has staked its claim. Ciri has the greatest potential of everyone in The Witcher, despite her inexperience as a Witcher.

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