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Fans of The Witcher should know these 20 facts

People all across the world have been introduced to Geralt of Rivia’s tremendously dangerous but fascinating realm of monsters and elves thanks to The Witcher. Even if you’ve binge-watched every episode of the popular TV program, it’s nearly certain that you still don’t know everything there is to know about this vast universe. 

So, without further ado, here are 20 interesting The Witcher facts — things you probably didn’t know about the novels, games, and TV show that will convert you into a true fan. 

Geralt isn’t from Rivia, for starters. 

Geralt of Rivia isn’t from Rivia, but rather Kaedwen, a significantly less regal locale. He chose this region as his birthplace to appear more “prestigious” to his clients, according to the games and literature, because the Queen is also from Rivia. 

Henry Cavill was a firm believer in method acting. 

Being one of the highest-paid TV actors and starring in one of the most expensive TV series must necessitate a certain amount of dedication. Geralt’s gruff, ‘perpetually suffering’ image was achieved by Henry Cavill going to great lengths. It wasn’t just a case of workout; the actor also had to dehydrate himself in order to pull it off. We wouldn’t recommend doing the same, but that method acting paid off! 

Witches are mutants, according to the third rule. 

Witchers are mutants, not sorcerers or wizards. As strange as that sci-fi word seems in a fantasy setting, it makes sense when you consider that Geralt’s species are essentially humans who get magic through magical science, rather than being born with it. Consider Frankenstein, but with a Tolkien twist. 

Geralt is agnostic. 

You’re probably not surprised by this Witcher fact. Geralt does not believe in God or any particular faith, despite living in a world filled with magic and characters who believe in one or more divinities. His only religion is honorable: fighting monsters and obtaining that coin. 

Geralt Makes Appearances in Other Games 

Geralt has made appearances in games other than The Witcher, such as Monster Hunter: World and Soulcalibur IV. Imagine Captain America playing the lead in an X-Men film, if you’re not a gamer. That’s how well-known Geralt is in the gaming community – he’s everywhere. 

Geralt’s mother was a sorceress, by the way. 

Although sorceresses are believed to be infertile in The Witcher’s universe, Visenna, Geralt’s mother, was one of the few exceptions. She wasn’t around to witness her son graduate, though, since she had given him over to a school of witches when he was a child. Geralt never found out why, which adds to the man’s long list of horrible experiences. 

Geralt wishes he could be human. 

Geralt may appear to be doing a fine job, but there’s a reason he’s usually tired and willing to give up everything for a private island and some coconut milk. He had no choice but to become a witcher, so it should come as no surprise that he secretly wishes he could be a regular guy doing regular things. He is hesitant to leave ‘the life,’ though, because hunting down wicked animals is the only talent he has ever acquired. Geralt, have you heard of LinkedIn? 

Witcher Training is a Horrible Experience 

The games and literature make it clear that becoming a witcher is difficult and requires a great deal of physical and mental strength. There are various schools and paths to become a witcher, all of which include suffering. There was a lot of it. Consider the “Trial Of The Grasses,” which entails mutating into inhuman mutants. You now know where Geralt gets his rosy skin. 

TV Geralt Has a Different Appearance 

Geralt isn’t supposed to look like that. Despite the fact that Netflix chose one of today’s hottest actors, Henry Cavill’s superb looks do not fit the description of Geralt in the books. Only the video games have stayed true to the character’s appearance, which is far from conventionally attractive and should have numerous scars. But, really, who’s complaining…? 

His hair had been bleached white. 

Though he isn’t the only white-haired witcher, his snowy mane is the product of the magic he was infused with during his transformation as a young boy, rather than a witcher characteristic. We’re sure he’d get along with X-Rogue…and Men’s Daenerys. 

He’s referred to as “White Wolf” 

Here’s some entertaining trivia for you! Elves and other nonhuman creatures in Geralt’s world refer to him as ‘Gwynbleidd,’ which does not translate to ‘the guy who kills monsters while looking hella sad,’ but rather ‘White Wolf,’ which we can only assume is a reference to his silver hair and animal-like fighting abilities. 

Witches are becoming extinct in the United States. 

That’s right, Geralt’s species is dwindling. Witches aren’t well-liked in any region of their world, and their supernatural skills and brutal ways frequently elicit suspicion and conspiracies. As a result, the “schools” where witchers are born and educated have been invaded multiple times, causing their species to become increasingly scarce. 

Joey Batey is a genuine lute player. 

Actor Joey Batey, who plays Jaskier, the obnoxious yet lovely bard that helps Geralt in his escapades, is a skilled lute player. When he auditioned for the part, he genuinely demonstrated his abilities, which could only have helped him land the part. Go lute or go home, as the saying goes. 

There Will Be No Celebrity Cameos in The Witcher 

The show’s author, Andrzej Sapkowski, pledged that no strange celebrity cameos would appear – a lighthearted and reassuring allusion to Ed Sheeran’s iconic Game of Thrones sequence in which he uncomfortably breaks the fourth wall to reveal a new song. “I feel that my role as a creative consultant for this series is to make sure that at NO moment in the show [would] Ed Sheeran sing,” Sapkowski remarked at Comic-Con. Thank you, Andrzej, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, you you, thank 

Geralt is a Charming Old Man 

Geralt isn’t in his late thirties or forties, as the video games and Netflix show may suggest. Several factors lead to him being between 90 and 95 years old, despite the fact that we’re never told his exact age. Witches are known to live longer lives, regardless of how demanding their profession is, which is an unsurprising fact. 

There Was Almost a Game of Thrones-Style Mistake 

Something highly antiquated almost ended up on screen in The Witcher series, similar to what happened in the final and infamous season of Game of Thrones when a Starbucks coffee cup was left on the table for all viewers to see. Car headlights were almost left in post, but a VFX employee caught them in time. That would’ve been awkward… 

A Witcher Film Was Almost Made 

Did you know that The Hexer, a first adaptation of The Witcher universe, was launched in 2001? Unfortunately, the Polish film was not well received by reviewers or audiences, and it quickly faded from memory. Given the special effects available at the time, this is only understandable. From 2002 to 2004, a Polish television show with the same name aired, however it only lasted one season. 

Geralt is a one-of-a-kind character. 

Geralt isn’t like the rest of the witches. He just so happens to have come out ten times stronger than his colleagues from the required Trial of the Grasses, the mutation process that turns one into a Witcher, for some reason that is never fully explained. This is especially amusing because he has expressed an interest in changing occupations. 

Henry Cavill has always been a fan of the Witcher series. 

With 200 actors auditioning for the role of Geralt, Henry Cavill came out on top. But it’s simple to see how he got the part because he also demonstrated to the casting directors that he understood a lot (a LOT) about the video games and literature from which the program is based. Cavill is a total nerd who spends his free time reading and playing video games, thus he won fairly and squarely. 


There Is No Such Thing As The Witcher’s Code 

There is no such thing as The Witcher’s Code. When Geralt and his colleagues need to explain why they do anything a specific way to their clients, they refer to this non-existent code, which is essentially the same as developing your own UNO card rules as you go along. Hey, if it works, it’s a win-win situation.

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