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Henry Cavill explains why he wants to keep playing Superman. “It’s a Little Bit Personal.” 

“I would love to be able to play the Superman we all know and love from the comics.” 

The more I like an actor who plays a character in a certain movie or TV show, the more I want the show to keep going so I can see more of that actor’s take on the character. However, sometimes I try to stop myself from demanding more, more, more. I know I want more of them to do this thing, but what about the actors? What’s left to gain from a role you’ve played in many movies? 

Since the release of 2013’s Man of Steel, there has been a lot of people calling for a follow-up. Yes, we did get to see Henry Cavill play Superman again in Batman v Superman and Justice League. But that’s not the same as getting another Cavill-led Superman-focused story. 

On December 17, the new season of The Witcher will be on Netflix. I was able to talk to Cavill about the new show. After Geralt of Rivia talked about some of his main goals for the show’s second season, I decided to ask about returning to roles. As of right now, what does he think he will get out of playing Superman? “I wouldn’t say that it’s about the art or me as an actor,” I would say. he also said, “To a certain extent, it is my own thing.” 

Cavill, on the other hand, seems to think that the only thing he can get from the character is to see how Superman grows as a hero in the story.

He said this: 

This was a great start to Superman’s story. I thought Man of Steel was great.” Because of that, he could grow and become the hero we know. Because it was written by Batman, it didn’t show the parts of Superman I was very, very excited to show. Batman v Superman took a dark turn and was written from Batman’s point of view. The Snyder Cut of Justice League did a better job of that. I tried to make the tone of the movie a little more gentle, but I would love to play the Superman we all know and love from the comics. For me, that would be very, very exciting. There is a lot of interesting story there that I could tell. It’s all about finding the right hooks to have a character like Superman, who is so good and idealistic. There are so many great ways to learn about what it’s like to live as him and the difficulties that come with that. Save everyone: How much work does it take to save everyone? That could be a fun line to run. 

As long as people keep calling for a Man of Steel sequel, it’s clear that Cavill is still interested and excited about it.

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