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Stranger Things: 10 of the Best Outfits 

Stranger Things has a distinct ’80s look. These top ensembles are ideal examples, with loads of hairspray and double denim. 

Stranger Things’ Eleven and Steve are seen in a split picture. Stranger Things grabbed the hearts of millions when it debuted in the summer of 2016 and quickly became one of Netflix’s finest series of all time, thanks to its nostalgic ’80s movie ambiance, heartwarming moments, and horror-inspired stories. The authentic ’80s America style is one of the show’s essential features, and the clothing are likely the most crucial piece of establishing the tone. With the debut of Season 4 on May 27th, fans are expecting many more legendary style moments from their favorite characters. 

According to Tom Fordy of FashionBeans, “the throwback outfits on-screen made the show’s young actors into pre-teen style idols,” which is likely due to the fact that many of the trends featured are still fashionable today. High-waisted jeans, varsity jackets, and bright hues have all made a resurgence in recent years, fueled in part by Stranger Things’ fascination with ’80s aesthetics. These are some of the greatest outfits from the series, ranging from puffed sleeves to bouffant hair. 

Mall Playsuit for Eleven 

Eleven, portrayed by Millie Bobby Brown in her breakout role, finally gets to engage in the adolescent experience she’s been missing out on in Season 3. While shopping with Max, she chooses this peak ’80s black playsuit with geometric neon embellishments and wears it with socks and white sneakers – a look that is still popular today. It’s a daring move for Eleven, who has never had a sense of personal style. 

Eleven is normally seen in more subdued hues and ill-fitting borrowed clothing, but here is the first time fans see her show off her distinctive style, and the bright trend continues throughout the season as we learn more about her personality. Remember, this is the clothing she’s wearing when she dumps Mike. As icy as ice. 

Dustin’s Snowball Costume 

This is a memorable clothing from a memorable incident. Dustin’s outfit is the centerpiece in the season 2 finale, as the students get ready for the Snow Ball at school. He’s dressed in a navy blue jacket, blue shirt, and bow tie, with brown slacks and shoes – but the most noticeable feature is his hair. 

Earlier in the season, in a charming moment, Steve reveals the key of Dustin’s bouffant hairstyle – “Use the shampoo and conditioner, and make sure your hair is moist but not wet. While it’s moist, spritz four times with the Farrah Fawcett spray “- and it’s apparent Dustin follows this advice when putting together his dancing outfit. Unbelievably lovely, and an homage to the odd pair’s budding relationship. 

Billy’s Denim Double Denim 

Billy, the bad guy and surprising fan favorite, is initially seen in the season 2 opening donning this classic double denim style evocative of heavy rockers and bikers. Double denim was a popular fashion in the 1980s, but Billy elevates the outfit with an unbuttoned white shirt, choker, and black combat boots. 

His mullet hairdo is also inspired by 1970s musicians like as Rod Stewart and Keith Richards, who used the hairstyle as part of their defining styles. It’s a striking appearance that reflects Billy’s personality: his commitment to the rougher motorcycle and rocker fashions of the period demonstrates his desire to seem tough. 

Mrs. Wheeler’s Bathing Suit 

In the season 3 premiere, Mrs. Wheeler wears this incredibly ’80s bikini while hanging out at the neighborhood pool. It’s gorgeous and “mumsy” all at the same time. The bikini is a blue and pink color block piece that plays into the ’80s trend of vivid neon hues, and she is wearing massive white jewelry that was popular at the time. The look is completed with a bouffant updo and matching blue makeup. 

It’s a really cohesive style that works great for a busy, little uptight mother, but it also gives a feeling of joy to the character, who has one of the strongest character journeys in Stranger Things, while also hinting at her dissatisfaction in her marriage and consequent flirting with Billy. 

Uniform for Steve’s Scoops Ahoy 

Stranger Things’ Steve is played by Joe Keery. Fans were ecstatic to see the typically sleek Steve – portrayed by the outstanding Joe Keery – in his silly work attire in the season 3 premiere – but he gets it well. Stranger Things’ most lovable major character, Steve, has his distinctive bouffant haircut, but the rest of his outfit is a far cry from the stylish outfits he’s typically seen sporting. 

The “Scoops Ahoy” sailor outfit, complete with matching shorts and hat, is tacky and wonderfully captures the excitement of the burgeoning 1980s mall culture. The fact that Steve wears this suit for the most of the season adds to its recollection as one of the greatest clothes from the program. 

Nancy’s Red Coat 

This dress from Season 1 Episode 5 is Nancy’s first deviation from her beautiful girl-next-door look, and it’s the one she wears when she and Jonathon try to take on the thing that stole Will. She wears a red trucker jacket with a blue sweater and shirt, brown cords, and brown boots. She also has a functional updo. 

Nancy’s new style is harder and more daring, and it, along with other subtle clues throughout Stranger Things, marks her evolution as a character – from prissy elder sister to ferocious monster hunter. Not to add that this attire is still fashionable today. 

T-Shirt with Dustin’s Roast Beef 

Dustin Stranger Things Season 4 The Upside Down Dustin’s unique sense of style elevates many of his costumes beyond those of the other kids, and this is one of his finest from Season 3, Episode 6. He’s dressed in a bright yellow t-shirt with a cow cartoon and a hilarious joke, a denim waistcoat, and his Camp Know Where baseball hat. 

It’s charmingly goofy while still capturing Dustin’s personality. His sense of humor is evident in the amusing t-shirt, and he proudly wears the hat from his summer camp adventure. Add some peak ’80s denim to the mix, and you’ve got the definitive Dustin look: bright, eccentric, and a bit hilarious. 

Ghostbusters Costumes for the Core Four 

Stranger Things Season 2 – The main cast dressed up as Ghostbusters for Halloween. While there are four costumes in all, they are all essentially the same. In the season 2 premiere, it’s Halloween in Hawkins, and Mike, Lucas, Will, and Dustin dress up as characters from one of the best ’80s films, Ghostbusters, for school – only to find out that all the other kids are now too sophisticated for Halloween costumes. Not only are the clothes cute, but they also represent the boys’ wish to prolong their infancy by labeling them as outcasts at school. 

Another feature that distinguishes these costumes is that they are extremely individualized based on the resources available to each child. Unlike Mike, Lucas, and Dustin’s costumes, which all have the same beige color, bespoke fit, and legit-looking proton packs, Will’s seems to be a wholly DIY project – a bittersweet detail that underlines his struggle to keep up with his pals owing to his single mother’s limited finances. 

Eleven Gets a Punk Makeover 

Eleven gets the makeover of a lifetime in season 2, episode 7, which results in her greatest wardrobe yet. She has only had access to saggy, dull clothing that most likely belonged to Hopper at some time. When Eleven travels to see her “sister” Eight, she receives more than just a fashion makeover, and ends up on a risky emotional trip that leads her to understand she wants to use her skills for good. 

But it’s a stylish step forward for her. Her short hair is slicked back, and she is dressed casually in an oversized jacket and pants with black eye makeup. This fits together wonderfully with the other characters’ dramatic punk outfits in this single episode and reveals a more rebellious and edgy side to Eleven’s personality. 

Eleven’s Snow Ball Gown 

Eleven attends the Snow Ball and had her first kiss with Mike on the dancefloor, which warmed fans’ hearts in the season 2 finale. It’s a wonderfully sweet sequence between the young lovebirds, and the filmmakers went all out to make it a memorable moment, utilizing Cydni Lauper’s legendary “Time After Time” for the couples to dance to. 

It’s a pretty nice caterpillar-to-butterfly transformation. Eleven is dressed in a denim puff sleeve dress with polka dots, frills, and a purple belt with matching makeup, and her hair is slicked back in the same manner she was following Eight’s makeover. It’s typical ’80s, and it heralds Eleven’s impending adolescence.

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