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10 Most Arousing Movies To Watch With Your Girlfriend On Date Night: Best Erotic Movies for Couples

There are days when you and your bae just want to stay in your pjs with messy hair and watch Netflix. How many times do you want to binge on drinking sessions or participate ceremoniously in each and every wedding you’ve been invited to? Don’t you just want to spend time with her and do things that you both enjoy? One of them is undoubtedly Netflix and ‘cooling,’ and in addition to movie binge-watching, there is always some raw, intense, and steamy sex involved. 

While we understand that you don’t need constant reminders on how to turn each other on while spending quality time together, there’s no harm in buffering a sexy movie to get you in the mood. So, we’ve compiled a list of ten movies for couples that will make her pants drop in a flash and make your mojo swing like Tarzan as soon as you finish watching them. You’re welcome, ahem!


Although the plot of this film is intriguing, some critics feel it to be a cover for’soft porn’. The film tells the story of a couple’s sexual relationship through music (hence 9 songs). If you weren’t already horny before pushing play, you will be after seeing this movie.

 Blue Is The Warmest Colour

Do you recall any critically regarded good film experiences? In this film, you can have that with a ten-minute sex scene that is extremely explicit. This is a lovely love story that you will most likely want to see.


 Killing Me Softly

Heather Graham and Joseph Fiennes have a lot of steamy sex sequences in the film, which fulfills the famous’sex with a mysterious hot stranger’ ideal. To go along with the sex, there is plenty of mystery in the film. If you’re looking for Heather’s smokin’ sexy bod, this is a must-see.



When the film ‘Secretary’ first hit the theaters, everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, fell in love with it and, of course, became enormously turned on. The film features some extremely sultry S & M role play, and if you think you’re kinky as hell, you’ll enjoy it.


9 1/2 Weeks

Through this film, Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke shatter every sexual taboo known to man. Do you recall the iconic ice cube scene? No? Check out this film!


The sex scenes will drive you insane, and the connection between Diane Lane and Olivier Martinez will leave you speechless. The film is about being unfaithful, as the title suggests (duh). Remember the movie ‘Murder,’ starring Imraan Hashmi? Yes, it’s a blatant rip-off, but this one has the sex scenes!

Little Children

Kate Winslet and Patrick Wilson get a little nasty in this one, which is to be expected given that they’re both in sexless marriages. Keep an eye out for the infamous sex scene on the washing machine.



Just so you can act out the iconic “fingering while trapped in mid-air” scene with your bae, watch this movie! The movie becomes a little too dramatic and spooky towards the end, but that sequence is well worth seeing!


Poison Ivy 

If you’re searching for a rush of blood to the skull, check out another sexual thriller. This film has it all, including a very attractive Drew Barrymore who rivals Sharon Stone in terms of attractiveness.


Wild Things

If you’re searching for something thrilling to watch, this 1998 sexual thriller is exactly up your alley. Matt Dillon, Neve Campbell, and Denise Richards had a fantastic sex scene. Also, keep an eye out for Neve and Denise’s pool scene. We were completely taken aback by Denise’s beauty. We’re confident you will as well.




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