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At Cannes, a Vietnamese model was reprimanded for wearing a ‘offensive’ skimpy garment. 

In Vietnam, they’re enraged by a brave model’s minimal glitter. 

Ngoc Trinh, 29, a Vietnamese fashion designer, is facing a fine in her own country after her eye-catching attire aroused uproar when she arrived at Cannes last month in a sparkling garment that barely disguised her sensitive parts. 

Trinh’s nipples were revealed in the form-fitting dress, which was made of transparent material with a halter top. A gleaming thread ran through the fabric, and a beaded skirt with a double thigh split exposed much of her behind. 

According to a report, the outfit, which Trinh wore with spiky black heels, was “improper, provocative, and has provoked public uproar,” according to Vietnam’s minister of culture, sports, and tourism, Nguyen Ngoc Thien. 

The government has sanctions for anyone who don’t cover up in public, but Trinh’s exposure of so much flesh has spurred angry authorities to demand that the regulations be changed. 

“She is not an artist who was assigned to the event by the government.” According to the Vietnam Express, Thien informed lawmakers during the National Assembly session in Hanoi that her costume was inappropriate, disrespectful, and had provoked popular uproar. 

The publication reported that people back home had their own thoughts on Trinh’s backless, sleeveless, thigh-high, see-through outfit. 

Residents in Vietnam have described the model’s provocative clothing as “sexually explicit,” “strange,” and “sick.”

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