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Butt VS Breasts 

Some males have a reputation for liking huge buttocks and have never lied about it. Other males, on the other hand, can’t deny their liking for breasts. Yes, women’s bodies are amazing, but why do males favor one portion of their bodies over another? It’s like to having to choose between ice cream and chocolate. Despite the fact that they’re both tasty, some guys strangely choose one over the other. Why? And what does the guy’s decision say about him? What Kind of Man Is He? ; Breasts vs. Butt: What Kind of Man Is He? 

Surprisingly, there is little study on this critical issue. I assume scientists are too preoccupied with saving the planet or whatever. Hmph. It’s all right. There are still a few sane warriors out there who know what they’re doing. Yours truly combed through their findings to bring you the scoop. 

Butts vs. boobs Surprisingly, all guys are ass-men—they simply don’t realize it. Because breasts are thought to resemble the rear in shape and appearance, guys who favor breasts really want butts. 

You may argue that this hypothesis isn’t foolproof (fart joke, ha-ha), that it raises the question of whether the chicken or the egg came first. What if it’s the butt who’s imitating the breasts? To address this question, I’ll utilize evolutionary biology. Because a full posterior is a symbol of a woman’s fecundity, men opt for butts. A large buttocks, broad hips, and other physical characteristics transmit a primordial message to the guy that the woman will be able to carry him offspring. Because the breasts’ role of nourishing the children occurs after they’ve been born…. the butt comes before the breast. Thank you very much. 

Ass-men vs. breast-men The following puzzle: what does it say about contemporary man when he likes butts or breasts? Here’s what meticulously organized research has shown. 

The bum-chums: These are found all throughout the world, with a claimed majority in Argentina and the United States (the latter is probably due to the Kardashians). These males seem to have a number of characteristics, including a fixation with being organized and tidy. They are also more likely to work in finance. If I were to make an informed estimate based on evolutionary theory, I’d say it’s because the originals were the bum-chums. As a result, they would have evolved first, having copulated first, gotten wealthy first, and so developed organizational abilities. It’s logical. Don’t try to reason with me. Don’t do it, I said. 

The boob-tubers are as follows: These guys like boobs as well as being the center of attention. They’re braggadocios and have the gift of gab. The following is my hypothesis as to why this is the case. These men are in love with a mirror of what they should be in love with in the first place. Instead of hooting over butts, they’re hooting over hooters. They have a basic drive to compensate for their profound lack of common sense, and as a result, they have developed into exhibitionists. eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh e This one is definitely airtight. At the very least, it’s airtight. 

Men who are like both boobs and butts are likely to have their skulls burst at some time in their life.

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