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HORRIBLE OUTCOME The body of a 6-year-old child was discovered after his mother drowned while attempting to rescue him and his 7-year-old sister who fell into a river during a family vacation. 

A six-year-old boy’s corpse was discovered after his mother perished while attempting to rescue him and his sister from a swift-flowing river. 

Three days after the youngster went into the ocean, his family and local first responders launched a large rescue mission. 

Mason DeChhat’s corpse was discovered after he fell into the Merrimack River on June 9. 

Source: Family handout 

HORRIBLEA monument has been established for the youngster and his mother, both of whom died during what was intended to be a happy family vacation. 


On June 9, the family was fishing and swimming in Amesbury, Massachusetts’ Merrimack River when the father, 31, walked to their vehicle at 7 p.m. to fetch something. 

When he returned, he discovered that his son Mason DeChhat had been washed away while reaching for something in the water. 

According to police, the boy’s seven-year-old sister attempted to grasp him as he was being hauled away and fell into the river as well. 

Despite not knowing how to swim, their mother, Boua DeChhat, plunged into the river to rescue her children. 

According to Massachusetts State Police, they were trapped in a strong current. 

The father returned from the family vehicle to see his wife and daughter in the water and rushed in after them, but he was unable to reach them after putting himself into difficulties. 

According to authorities, the river dragged the mother and daughter onshore, where someone in a boat observed them struggling and was able to pull them out. 

The mother was having difficulty lifting herself up and vanished beneath the sea. After the mother was rescued from the water, Mark Bajko, a witness, and a police officer attempted CPR on her. 

“I’m pushing myself as much as I can,” Bajko told WCVB. 

“I’d already phoned 911 on my way there and was doing CPR when a police officer touches me on the shoulder and says, ‘Hey, let me take over.'” 

“And he takes over, and I step up, and a young girl stops screaming and cries, ‘My brother is still in the water,'” she says. 

The child and her mother were brought to Newburyport’s Anna Jacques Hospital. 

The youngster was treated and discharged. 


The Coast Guard, harbormasters, state police, municipal police, and fire departments, as well as state environmental police, continued to hunt for Mason. 

Strong currents, according to Newburyport Fire Chief Christopher LeClaire, posed difficulties in the search attempt. 

Ten state police divers were utilized, and helicopters were observed combing the region as divers searched for the youngster using sonar and being dragged behind boats. 

The Coast Guard said the search and rescue mission for the little kid was called off around 5 p.m. on Friday. 

“It is always a tough choice to halt a search and rescue investigation, and it is much more difficult when children are involved,” said Coast Guard Sector Boston Commander Capt Kailie Benson. 

Mason’s corpse was found on Sunday, according to reports. 

“It is with great regret that we must announce that the little boy’s corpse has been found,” Amesbury police said in a Facebook post. 

Authorities say a kayaker discovered his remains about a half mile from where he was last seen. 

“I spotted something floating and thought it was a stick, but when I got closer, I recognized what it was and contacted 911,” the kayaker said. 

“It’s absolutely terrible.” 

The remains were handed over to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Massachusetts for identification. 

A tiny monument has been erected along the Merrimack River at Deer Island, the site of the tragedy.

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