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Is Owen Going To Die On ‘Grey’s Anatomy’? What We Know About That Cliffhanger

The midseason finale of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ left Owen Hunt in peril. Is Owen going to die when the show returns on February 24? The situation does not look good for him.

Grey’s Anatomy has never been shy when it comes to killing off beloved characters. Could Owen be next? The beloved doctor’s life was left in jeopardy after a car crash.

Owen was left alone in the car following the accident. Teddy and Cormac escaped and raced to get the donor heart to Farouk before it was too late. The final moments of the season 18 midseason finale showed the car — with Owen inside — tumbling down a cliff.

Grey's Anatomy
Kevin McKidd as Owen Hunt. (ABC)

Is Owen Going To Die?

Grey’s Anatomy is keeping us on our toes with that question. The show returns on February 24 with a Station 19 crossover event. The crew responds to the crash and the car’s subsequent tumble over a cliff. In the crossover promo, the Station 19 crew is told the drop the car made is 100 feet.

Ben, along with Maya, hurries to try and save his friend. At one point, Sullivan radios in that they have someone with “no pulse.” However, this could be the driver of the car, who had a stroke while driving Owen, Teddy, and Cormac. But it could also be Owen. Falling 100 feet in a car… Owen is likely not going to come out of this unscathed.

Cormac does make it to the hospital and tells everyone about the accident. Many of the doctors at Grey Sloan look incredibly worried in the new episode. Megan, Owen’s sister, breaks down into tears in one scene. She could be crying over Farouk, who is set to receive that heart Cormac brought. However, news about Owen could devastate her.

Owen has survived many of Grey’s Anatomy’s disasters. Could this be it for Dr. Hunt? Time will tell. If he doesn’t die, he could be gravely injured, which could impact his medical career.

Is Kevin McKidd Leaving?

Jason George
Ben rushes to save Owen in the February 24 episode. (ABC)

There’s been no word from ABC about whether or not Kevin is leaving Grey’s Anatomy. He’s been a series regular since the show’s fifth season.

When Grey’s Anatomy was renewed for season 19 in January 2022, his name was not among those initially set to return. The three remaining original cast members — Ellen Pompeo, James Pickens Jr., and Chandra Wilson — will be coming back for the 19th season.

The rest of the core cast members, including Kevin, were not listed in the renewal announcement. Kevin’s name not being included isn’t a surprise since the other cast members were not. Deals could still be getting worked out as the end of season 18 nears.

When it comes to Owen’s fate, all will be revealed during the February 24 crossover event. Let’s hope he makes it back to Teddy and the kids!

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