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Monica Bellucci:   her goal to ‘age peacefully,’ claiming she isn’t ‘obsessed’ with maintaining her body since ‘there is nothing we can do’ about aging.

  • In a cover interview with the Sunday Times Style magazine, the Italian actress discussed aging gracefully. 
  • Bellucci revealed that she favors tough exercises and stringent diets to alcohol, pasta, and the odd Pilates session. 
  • The actress said that she is not ‘obsessed’ with keeping her well-known body, stating that she has ‘always been a curvaceous lady.’ 
  • Bellucci expressed her desire to “age peacefully” since “there is nothing we can do” about aging. 
  • She compares aging to having a ‘long life,’ claiming that the’soul expands’ through time.

Monica Bellucci has spoken up on graceful aging, stating she wants to ‘get old in a tranquil manner’ and isn’t ‘obsessed’ with keeping her body in her 50s. 

In an interview with the Sunday Times Style magazine, the Italian actress, 57, discussed her feelings about growing older, stating she likes wine, spaghetti, and the odd Pilates class than arduous exercises and tight diets. 

‘I’m not infatuated with anything. That’s my nature: I’ve always been a curvaceous lady, never slim. ‘I also want to grow old in a calm manner,’ she said.

Bellucci wears a black outfit that embraces her legendary hourglass proportions on the cover of the magazine. Her raven hair is pushed back, and she poses with her hands on her face, her eyes closed. 

She gets adequate exercise and checks her diet ‘a little’ while she’s at work, but she doesn’t go to extremes. The model chose a’matter-of-fact’ approach to aging and recognizes the beauty in it. 

‘Life is made up of many distinct moments,’ Bellucci stated. ‘When you’re young, you have what’s known in France as “la beauté du diable,” or “the beauty of the devil,” which is just natural; it’s the beauty of youth, the beauty of a biological period in your life. And so it goes. 

‘We have to cope with the fact that our bodies age. There’s nothing we can do about it. At the same time, we are fortunate in that becoming old indicates a long life. The spirit flourishes while the body deteriorates.’

Bellucci reflected on being the longest-serving Bond love interest in the franchise’s history throughout the interview. She acted in the 2015 picture Spectre opposite Daniel Craig, who is four years her younger, at the age of 50. 

‘There are so many women who are feeling free to become old in a new manner,’ the actress said, adding that the casting signified a ‘huge transition’ in the business. 

Bellucci also spoke on the #MeToo movement and how she doesn’t want her daughters, Deva Cassel (17) and Léonie Cassel (11), to grow up to ‘hate’ males. 

‘We’ve gone a long way, and now we have the bravery to say things because there have been women who have done it before us,’ she added. ‘At the same time, I don’t believe in a conflict between men and women; I believe we need to establish a common ground of communication.’ ‘I don’t want to educate my daughters to hate since it doesn’t help them.’ We need to find a means to communicate.’ 

Deva, the mother of two’s lookalike oldest daughter, is pursuing a career as a model, and the two just shared the cover of Vogue Italia in July 2021. 

While reflecting on her own rise to stardom as a model, she expressed gratitude for not being a young adolescent at the time.

‘I had certain moments that were not always wonderful,’ she said. “However, I began working when I was 18, 19… I wasn’t 14 at the time. And then, when I did filmmaking, I came from a fashion background, so I was already financially self-sufficient. 

‘I was fortunate in that I was never in a circumstance that I couldn’t handle,’ she said. ‘It’s simply a question of chance; you can’t always protect yourself.’ 

Bellucci and her ex-husband Vincent Cassel, whom she divorced in 2013 after 14 years of marriage, co-parent their two girls. 

‘We’ve been apart for a long time, but when you become a parent, you become a parent for life,’ she remarked. ‘When it is feasible, it is lovely to have a connection for the children.’ 

Bellucci is said to be dating artist and former model Nicolas Lefebvre, 39, however she refused to discuss their relationship during the interview. 

‘I believe I have reached an age, this age, where I have the right not to respond,’ she said.

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