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Monica Bellucci’s seductive style is shown in 29 images.

A director suffering from creative block sees visions of a “ideal woman” in Federico Fellini’s celebrated 1963 film 812. Claudia Cardinale, who plays the disappointed protagonist’s muse, is a sight to behold, with her falling raven curls, curve-skimming skirts, and irresistible sex appeal. Does this ring a bell? It could be because Monica Bellucci, another Italian actress, is still a living embodiment of the Fellini-esque femme fatale. 

Bellucci has remained steadfastly loyal to a wardrobe that wouldn’t look out of place on the set of La Dolce Vita: fishtail gowns with audacious necklines, diamonds, lace, and lots and lots of black. From her arthouse cinema days to her modern role as a regular on the Dior Couture frow (via a memorable stint as a Bond girl in 2015’s Spectre), Bellucci has remained steadfastly loyal to It’s easy to understand why: everything works together to highlight Bellucci’s smoldering beauty and bombshell proportions. 

The definition of a femme fatale 

When the Dolce & Gabbana model does deviate from her signature color, she chooses champagne, leopard-print, plum, or top-to-toe red, all of which have the same traffic-stopping effect. For a total of 29 occurrences, see below. Monica Bellucci resembled a character from a Federico Fellini film. 

In the year 1985, 

Bellucci’s stunning looks catapulted her from the catwalk to the big screen. In the year 1990, 

Like a true off-duty siren, reclining in a Herm├Ęs. In the year 1990, 

On Valentino’s arm, dressed in her characteristic black. 


Cartier’s 100th anniversary is commemorated in black satin and, of course, a plethora of jewels. In the year 1993, 

In 1993, I modeled for Guy Laroche in Paris. In the year 1997, 

At a Dobermann showing at the Paris Film Festival. In the year 1997, 

Monica had a rare floral moment during the 1997 Cannes Film Festival. 

In the year 1997, 

In Monte Carlo, Monica Bellucci wore all black. 


Bellucci made a rare step into leopard print for this Cannes Film Festival appearance, but she still opted for some jaw-dropping jewelry. 


Monica Bellucci and co-star Morgan Freeman at a screening of their film Under Suspicion in Deauville. In the year 2001, 

At the Laureus World Sports Awards, the actress wore black lace and diamonds. In the year 2001, 

Monica Bellucci dressed in her favorite color for a photo shoot at the Hotel Inter-Continental in Toronto. 

In the year 2001, 

The curve-skimming form is familiar at the Laureus World Sport Awards, despite the new color. 

In the year 2001, 

Monica Bellucci on the red carpet in 2002, with a dash of gothic allure. 

In the year 2002, 

Monica Bellucci wears a corset dress with a collar necklace in Deauville, France. 

In the year 2005, 

At the Venice Film Festival in 2005, she wore a champagne slip dress. 

In the year 2005, 

At a gathering in Paris, she was looking extremely La Dolce Vita. 

In the year 2005, 

At the Venice Film Festival, black lace and diamonds were all present and correct. 

In the year 2005, 

For a sunny day in LA, I’m making form-fitting black satin work. 

In the year 2006, 

At Cannes, she made a majestic red-carpet appearance. 


In 2017, Monica Bellucci was nominated for a Golden Globe. For the 2017 Monaco Red Cross Ball Gala, Alaa wore a striking all-black ensemble. 2018

This is low-key daywear for Bellucci, who was seen exiting the Dior Couture show in Paris in 2018. 

In the year 2018, 

Bellucci looks traditional in a black Dolce & Gabbana fishtail gown for a LA awards gala. 

In the year 2018, 

At the Dinard Film Festival’s red carpet. 


What would a French film festival be without Monica Bellucci, dressed in black lace? In the year 2019, 

Monica Bellucci in the year 2019. 

As seen by her appearance in Alexandre Vauthier in Paris, leopard print has made its way into her wardrobe. 

Monica Bellucci in the year 2019

In Cannes, she wore Cartier jewelry and a Dior gown. 

In the year 2019, 

Monica Bellucci in the year 2019. 

At the 2019 Venice Film Festival, arriving in style (and Dior). 

Monica Bellucci in the year 2019. 

At the 2019 Venice Film Festival, she stole the show in a crimson Dolce & Gabbana gown from the Alta Moda line. 

Monica Bellucci in the year 2019. 

When it comes to tailoring, Bellucci is anything but corporate. 

Monica Bellucci in the year 2019. 

At the spring/summer 2020 presentations in Paris, she was every inch the femme fatale. 

Monica Bellucci in the year 2020 

At the Taormina Film Festival, Bellucci wore a form-fitting plum Dolce & Gabbana lace gown. 

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