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The 12 Sexiest Body Parts of a Woman There are many body areas

Women find sexy, but I’ve limited it down to the 12 that leave us weak in the knees. 

12. Ears/Earlobes . They’re a terrific place to go when you want to make out, because making out is sexy. 

11. Ankles/Feet  Some individuals find feet repulsive, but it’s reasonable to say that men have gotten the short end of the foot stick. We’ve got hobbit feet. What’s the polar opposite of hobbit feet? Elves? Footprints of elves? Someone, please assist me. Is anyone a fan of The Lord of the Rings? 

10. Kneepit is number ten. Although the phrase “kneepit” has no sexual connotations, the area behind a woman’s knee is extremely sensitive. We’re suckers for delicate subjects. 

9. Vaginal discharge. Some males are known to be breast men. Some men are jerks. Every man, however, is a vaginal man. Vaginal sexiness is undeniable. 

8. Return to the beginning. Do that thing when you stretch out and arch your back a little to see a guy feel flustered. He’s going to lose his mind. 

7. The stomach Your torso is fantastic. We aren’t concerned with abs, muscle definition, or anything else. We adore the softness of the skin and the fact that it sits precisely between your boobs and your vagina. 

6. The sixth bone is the collarbone. There’s something incredibly enticing about a sliver of collarbone. There’s a reason we like to take a break here instead of racing down to the good stuff. 

5. The hips. The hipbones that form the small V that peeks out over the top of pants, skirts, and bikini bottoms, among other things That’s something we’re grateful for. 

4. Cleavage/breasts You knew boobs was going to be on here, right? 

3. Butts are the third item. Butts are the body’s boobs in the southern hemisphere. 

2. The mouth. Closed. Open. Whether you’re licking your lips or biting your lower lip. The mouth has a lot of potential for communication. The mouth is the garage door to the heart, if the eyes are the window to the soul. 

1. The eyes. I don’t care who you are, what you like, or how you choose to spend your time. Eyes are seductive. With just a glimpse, we can be deceived.

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