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This is an excellent incentive to throw dish soap into your toilet! 

This is why you should put dish soap in your toilet on a regular basis. 

We can’t think of many things more aggravating than a blocked toilet. When you flush, the water rises and you hear an unsettling gurgle. If you’re unlucky, the unpleasant water will flow over the side, making the situation more worse. 

Unclogging the toilet is a nasty chore that must be completed as soon as possible. 


The plunger is frequently used to initiate the procedure, however it isn’t always successful. We’re not lovers of the costly, chemical items you’re meant to flush down the toilet. Fortunately, you probably already have a simpler and less expensive solution: dish soap! 

So, how exactly does this work? Find out on the next page! This

Dish detergent 

Yes, dish soap and warm water are all you need for this method. Pour a large amount of dish soap into the blocked toilet. You’ll see it gently drop to the bottom. Now, fill the toilet with warm water (not boiling hot – this might harm the toilet bowl). Wait 20 to 30 minutes for the soap and water to do their work. The water will gradually drain as it works its way past the obstruction. You may now flush the toilet and the obstruction will be removed! 


Do you have blocked toilets more often than you’d like? Pour a splash of dish soap into the bowl every now and then; your toilet will clog considerably less rapidly as a result. As a result, it also serves as a preventative step!

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