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Zendaya Celebrates Her Birthday: The Actress Looks Amazing in Every Outfit She Wears


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The actress shared a photo of herself dressed in a blue and green ensemble, and she looks stunning as always. This is how Zendaya appears when she is head over heels in love. (Photo credit: Instagram)

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The one in which Zendaya improves the appearance of green. Zendaya can be seen posing with a lot of attitude and sophistication in a green long jacket and a pair of glittering green stilettos. (Photo credit: Instagram)

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Zendaya is at her happiest when she’s with her puppy. The actress can be seen in many photos absorbed in a chat with her pet doggo, who turned 5 last year. (Photo credit: Instagram)

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Back to the glitz and glam! The actress was spotted wearing a white tank top and black shorts while sitting in her makeup room chair. The only accessories she wears are her curly hair and the makeup room lights, which make her seem absolutely stunning. (Photo credit: Instagram)

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Zendaya is rocking her cornrows like a boss. In a white top and a trendy pendant, the actress can be seen posing for a selfie. (Photo credit: Instagram)

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Zendaya poses in the backseat of a car in yet another gorgeous photo. She is dressed in a white gown and has nothing on but her style. (Photo credit: Instagram)

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